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Master of Science in Anesthesia Anesthesiologist Assistant Program

MSA Program Outcomes

The Master of Science in Anesthesia (MSA) Program provides high quality education through challenging curriculum and comprehensive clinical training. We prepare safe and competent providers for the surgical patient. As part of the Medical College of Wisconsin's Department of Anesthesiology, our students will experience caring for the most challenging patients, found only in an academic medical setting.

The MSA program teaches to the highest level of professionalism. Students learn what employers expect of Certified Anesthesiologist Assistants in dedicated professionalism coursework for the transition from student to practitioner. This has led to outstanding student outcomes.

MSA Grad 2018_Intro Component

Class of 2020 Outcomes


retention rate


national exam pass rate (all attempts)


positive job placement
     Graduation Year
   3 Year Average  2018  2017  2016
 Enrolled  15  14  15  12
 Graduated  95.1%  12  15  12
 First-time Certification Pass  92.3%  9  15  12
 Certification Pass (all attempts)  100%  12  15  12
 Positive Job Placement  100%  12  15  12