Medical School
Master of Science in Anesthesia Anesthesiologist Assistant Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the school and the program accredited?
The Medical College of Wisconsin is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and CAAHEP.
Are standardized tests are required for admission?

The Medical College of Wisconsin Master of Science in Anesthesia program does not require the GRE or MCAT exam for submission of application. Applicants who wish to voluntarily submit exam scores may do so by selecting our program’s GRE code (7150). For the MCAT, select Medical College of Wisconsin (no code needed).

What is the total program cost?
Tuition costs are the same for Wisconsin and out-of-state residents. Total costs can be found on the MCW Financial Aid website
Is financial aid available?
Yes. Additional information is located at MCW's Financial Aid’s website. Our schools FAFSA code is 015611. A FAFSA form can be completed here.
Can students be employed during the program?
The Master of Science in Anesthesia program is academically challenging and time intensive. Students are not encouraged to work while enrolled in the program.
Will a Criminal Background Check be performed?
Yes. Once accepted into the program, all students are required to undergo a Criminal Background Check and Wisconsin Caregiver Background Check.
Can I transfer into the program?
Our rigorous and fast-paced competency-based curriculum is unique to our program. Therefore, students must complete the entire course of study at MCW.
Are classes available online or part-time?
All MSA students must be full-time and the majority of classes are delivered in-person, with online learning modules delivered during your clinical rotations.
How do I apply to the program?
All applications for our program must be submitted through CASAA.
What are the pre-requisites for the program?
Pre-requisite course requirements can be viewed at the Admissions webpage. 
Where are the program offices located?
We are located in the main MCW building located at 8701 Watertown Plank Rd., Milwaukee, WI 53226. Parking is located across 87th St. in Visitor Parking. The MSA Program offices are in the main medical education building on 87th St., 3rd floor MEB Suite.
How do CAAs work with Anesthesiologists?
CAAs work with Anesthesiologists in what is referred to as the Anesthesia Care Team. For more information, view the ASA’s Statement on Anesthesia Care Team.
What is a typical job description for a CAA?
The AAAA provides information and descriptions of CAA scope of practice.
Which organizations are available to MSA students?
As future leaders in the anesthesiologist assistant profession our students are expected to support the organizations that promote our profession. Upon enrollment, MSA students are required to become members of the ASA, AAAA, WSA, and WAAA. Membership fees are included in each student’s financial aid package.
Will my application still be considered if I am not from Wisconsin?
Yes! While MCW’s MSA program highly values Wisconsin applicants in order to fulfill the mission of advancing the CAA profession in Wisconsin, applicants that do not reside in Wisconsin will still be given consideration.