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MCWfusion Curriculum Phase 3: Individualization

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Phase 3 Overview

During Phase 3 of the MCWfusion Curriculum, students will individualize their training, differentiating towards their specialty choice.

Phase 3 duration:

  • MCW-Milwaukee campus: 17 months/begins January 2026
  • Regional campuses (MCW-Central Wisconsin and MCW-Green Bay): 10 months/begins August 2025

Course requirements include:

  • Two (2) Acting Internships (core plus core/noncore)
  • At least one (1) Integrated Science Selective course (at least 50% Foundational Science focus; virtual/in-person/hybrid opportunities)
  • Preparing for Residency course
  • Completion of Scholarly Pathways
  • Elective courses will fulfill remaining credits for completion of Phase 3

Phase 3 Calendar Map (MCW-Milwaukee and Regional Campuses)

Due to the nature of individualization of Phase 3, the image below represents a potential schedule of one student. In addition, students on the MCW-Milwaukee campus can use two of the elective blocks in Phase 3 as vacation time.

MCWfusion Curriculum | Calendar Map Phase 3

Phase 3 Tracks

Primary Care and Medical Specialties

Acute Care/Emergency Medicine

Surgical Procedural

Mind, Brain & Body

Diagnostics & Therapeutics


Accelerated Regional Campus (ARC)

  • Tracks are guided paths of menus of required and elective experiences for students. They include the following:
    • Specialty-oriented Acting Internships
    • Integrated Science Selectives
    • Clinical & Research Electives
    • Specialty-specific preparation for residency
  • Tracks allow for specialty-oriented individualized curriculum that also ensures adequate general physician training.
  • Tracks support individualization of medical training and organize student experiences.
  • Tracks may have required courses, recommended courses, and/or suggested courses.
  • Tracks may give preference for certain high demand low-capacity courses to students within a Track.
  • Tracks offer extracurricular activities.
  • Students retain the ability to take courses outside of what’s defined in their Track.