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Dr. Douglas B. Evans Receives Benjamin E. Mays Medal, Highest Alum Honor at Bates College

Douglas B. Evans, MD, has been awarded the Benjamin E. Mays Medal by the Bates College Alumni Association, the highest alum award of the college. The medal recognizes an alum for distinguished service to the worldwide community and outstanding accomplishment. Dr. Evans, chair of the Department of Surgery and Donald C. Ausman Family Foundation Professor of Surgery, has exemplified these merits over three decades involved in cancer research and treatment. The award was presented by Alumni Association President Kevin Moore during the Bates Reunion Weekend on June 11.

As Mr. Moore proclaimed during the award presentation, “Dr. Douglas Evans, Class of 1978, has devoted his professional career to the research and treatment of pancreatic cancer and inherited endocrine syndromes, saving and extending the lives of many throughout his three decades in medicine. The nominations we received on Doug’s behalf honored both his service to medicine – specializing in one of the most difficult areas of practice – and his dedication as a surgeon, teacher, mentor and life-long friend.

“Dr. Evans’ contributions to medicine include advances in genotype-phenotype correlations in multiple endocrine neoplasia syndromes, defining the role for ultrasound in the preoperative management of patients with thyroid cancer, [and] describing a number of novel techniques for vascular resection and reconstruction at the time of pancreatectomy. Dr. Evans brings support, compassion, and a wealth of knowledge to those around him despite a demanding career with widespread influence."