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MCW on the RADIO

Join us on Saturday, March 3 at 4 pm and March 17 at 4 pm on NEWS/TALK 1130 WISN for the next program of “The Word on Medicine” supported by Selig Leasing Co., and produced by the Department of Surgery. This multidisciplinary, bi-weekly radio show will highlight innovation and discovery across MCW – how knowledge changes life!  

The next show on March 3 is titled Women’s Cardiovascular Health Part 1 and will focus on primary prevention of heart disease in women, diagnosis and treatment of heart failure in women, and managing symptoms of heart disease in women. Panelists for this show include:

  • Dr. Lohr
  • Dr. Welsh
  • Dr. Cohen
  • Dr. Dabbouseh
  • Dr. Fitzgerald

On March 17 we will continue the conversation around the importance of Women’s Health Part 2. We will focus on how women can improve their bone health, the gender differences which exist around medication use, and how women can achieve healthy weight loss. Panelists for this show include: 

  • Dr. Lohr
  • Dr. Neuner
  • Dr. Shaker
  • Dr. Lalonde
  • Sara Arndt NP
  • Dr. Gosset
  • Dr. Lor
  • Dr. Groden
  • Dr. Findling
  • Dr. Higgins
  • Amy Kulwicki RD

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