Welcome to the Office of Radiation Safety (ORS)

This website is designed to provide MCW faculty and staff who use Radioactive Materials with current information and essential documents. Suggestions concerning this page's content or updates are encouraged and should be directed to Radiation Safety.

Research Irradiator Information

Information regarding access to research irradiators on MCW’s InfoScope pages. If you have access to InfoScope, search for keyword “irradiators”. If you need further assistance, please contact Radiation Safety.

EHSA Inventory Database Information

Link to LOGIN screen

EHSA User Manual (PDF)

All scheduled classes for EHSA training have been completed. If you still need training, please contact Leo.

What to do in an Emergency

Emergency Procedures

Radiation Safety Pagers (page entire department) (414) 314-1037

Radiation Safety Training

ORS requires Radiation Safety Training for all personnel before working with radioactive material.

The training consists of a training video on DVD, and quiz, and in a personalized in-lab training from the radiation safety staff.

Request a Training DVD and quiz

When you are finished taking the quiz, bring the quiz and video to ORS and we will schedule an in-lab training session.

Contact Us

MCW Office
Directions to M760 (PDF)
(basement, Medical Education Building)
(414) 955-4347

Froedtert Office
Froedtert Pavilion, L760B
(Located in the MCW Clinical Trials Administrative Area)
(414) 805-6540