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Radiation Safety

Radioactive Waste at the Medical College of Wisconsin

All radioactive waste must be prepared for pick up according to ORS guidelines and a waste pickup request made through the EHSA online database.

Preparation for waste disposal begins from the moment you receive radioactive material from ORS.

  • Keep accurate records of radioactive materials used and where the waste is allocated. Some waste will end up as liquid, dry solid, etc. depending on how material is used by your protocols.
  • Deface all items before placing them in the radioactive waste container. All bags containing items that have not been defaced will be returned to you.
  • Segregate anything containing liquid from dry waste. If LSC vials, Eppendorf tubes, etc. containing liquid are found in your dry wasted container, it will be returned to you.
  • Do not mix isotopes, C-14 and H-3 may be combined, but all other isotopes must be separated into dedicated waste containers.
  • Enter waste records into EHSA
  • Submit a waste request through EHSA
  • Print waste tags in EHSA and place in bags facing outward or securely taped to liquid containers.
  • Seal waste bags and liquid containers and "seal container" in EHSA. Waste bags must be closed and liquid containers securely sealed or radiation safety will not be able to pick up your waste.

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