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Radiation Safety

Regulation of Radiation/Radioactive Material

The use of radiation and radioactive material is regulated by the State of Wisconsin, Department of Health Services (DHS), Radiation Protection Section. The State of Wisconsin took over the responsibility for regulation of radioactive material from the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, becoming an Agreement State in August, 2003.

Wisconsin Administrative Code, Chapter DHS 157 contains Radiation Protection regulations. Members of the public, staff, and those occupationally exposed to radiation have a right to know what the regulations require.

A brief index is provided here of the sections of DHS 157 that pertain to the Medical College of Wisconsin:

  • Subchapter I – General Provisions: Definitions
  • Subchapter III – Standards for Protection from Radiation: Dose Limits, Precautionary Procedures
  • Subchapter VI – Medical Use of Radioactive Material
  • Subchapter VIII – X-Ray Device Requirements
  • Subchapter IX – Cabinet and Analytical X-Ray Systems
  • Subchapter X – Notices, Instructions and Reports to Workers

View the full text of DHS 157 as a PDF or online, or view the DHS 157 Appendices (PDF).

A printed copy of DHS 157 is available at the Office of Radiation Safety.

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