Welcome to the Division of Surgical Oncology

T. Clark Gamblin, MD, MS, MBAT. Clark Gamblin, MD, MS, MBA
Stuart D. Wilson Professor of Surgery
Chief, Division of Surgical Oncology

Welcome to the Division of Surgical Oncology at the Medical College of Wisconsin. Coupled with the Division’s research and educational programs, we are widely recognized as a leader in cancer surgery for breast, liver, pancreas, skin, stomach, biliary and endocrine system diseases. We are also focused on rare tumors (sarcomas) and complex tumor management such as carcinomatosis. We utilize the latest in novel therapies and function in multidisciplinary programs to provide compassionate care of the highest quality. I encourage you to learn more about the clinical care, research activities and education programs of the Division of Surgical Oncology. Read more about the Division of Surgical Oncology.


The mission of the Division of Surgical Oncology is to promote excellence in patient care, scientific research, and education. We strive to lead the region and nation as role models in these disciplines and are committed to training the next generation of surgical leaders. Our actions embody our core values of compassion, integrity, respect, and excellence.

MCW on the RADIO

Join us on Saturday, February 17 at 4 pm on NEWS/TALK 1130 WISN for the next program of “The Word on Medicine” supported by Selig Leasing Co., and produced by the Department of Surgery. This multidisciplinary, bi-weekly radio show will highlight innovation and discovery across MCW – how knowledge changes life!  

This airing of “The Word on Medicine” features many individuals who care for patients with uterine, ovarian and other gynecologic cancers. This show will focus on diagnosing, treating and managing these complex diseases.


  • Dr. Denise Uyar, Gynecologic Oncologist
  • Dr. Beth Erickson, Radiation Oncologist
  • Jennifer Guerts, Genetic Counselor
  • Claudia Bojar, Gynecology Oncology Outpatient Clinic Nurse
  • Dr. Erin Bishop, Gynecologic Oncologist
  • Dr. Stacy O’Connor, Radiologist
  • Jamie Neary, NP, Women’s Health
  • Mary Pipkin, Gynecology Oncology Research Program Nurse
  • Dr. William Bradley, Gynecologic Oncologist

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