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Why academic medicine is the best choice for pancreatic cancer care

When your cancer team is part of a major medical research center like the Medical College of Wisconsin, you get more than compassionate care. Our pancreatic cancer team includes a diverse group of physicians with an international reputation for research and clinical care. Their work has increased the understanding of cancer and led to the development of new therapies.

This continuous dedication to research is what sets us apart. It opens up opportunities for patients to participate in clinical trials that often lead to new cancer drugs and other innovative therapies. Opportunities like these allow us to provide more than compassionate care. They allow us to provide hope.

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Meet the surgeon devoted to improving pancreatic cancer care

"I place strong emphasis on actively involving patients in their treatment plans and encourage the enrollment of patients into clinical trials, especially those which involve emerging therapies based upon our improved understanding of molecular medicine."

Douglas B. Evans, MD
Professor in Surgery and Chairman

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Meet your pancreatic cancer team

The right team makes a true difference

Pancreatic cancer is a challenging disease to fight, but it’s not impossible. Having the right team of doctors can make all the difference. At MCW, our team of doctors and professionals have international recognition for their work finding new ways to diagnose and treat pancreatic cancer. It’s a team that includes the fourth best pancreatic surgeon in the world, Dr. Evans. When you come to us, our team becomes your team. This is why you should start your pancreatic cancer care with us, because no one will work harder to help you beat this.

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Personalized care only an academic medical center can offer

Our "surgery last" approach to pancreatic cancer treatment

For the last several decades, the standard care plan for operable pancreatic tumors has been surgery followed by radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Based on careful research, our pancreatic cancer care team strongly advocates a “surgery last” approach. What this means for most patients with resectable or borderline resectable pancreatic tumors is that they receive combined chemotherapy and radiation therapy (chemoradiation) prior to undergoing surgery to remove their tumor. Not only does this approach provide a better chance of controlling the cancer, it sets the stage for a successful surgery.

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Additional resources to support you every step of the way

Surgeons and oncologists at Froedtert and MCW have developed a unique personalized medicine clinical trial for pancreatic cancer. In this clinical trial a patient’s tumor is tested extensively to identify which chemotherapy treatment has the greatest chance of successfully treating the cancer. It’s being run by Dr. Doug Evans, Dr. Paul Ritch and a team of surgical oncologists and other cancer specialists.

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Spreading Stories of Hope

Spreading Stories of Hope

Pancreatic cancer personalized medicine trial

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Our research is advancing pancreatic cancer care

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The Pancreatic Cancer Nomogram

An individualized prognostic tool for predicting survival and improving decision-making prior to surgery

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