Male Infertility and Andrology Fellowship

The Medical College of Wisconsin Department of Urology has developed a one year fellowship in Andrology, Male Infertility, and Sexual Dysfunction. This fellowship is designed for candidates interested in academic Andrology, and is particularly geared towards those candidates who will be developing and/or leading an academic program.

Andrology Fellowship Director
Jay Sandlow, MD, FACS

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  Program Faculty
  • Jay Sandlow, MD, FACS
    Fellowship Director, Vice Chair and Professor of Urology
  • Amy Guise, MD
    Assistant Professor of Urology
  • Jerald Marifke, MD
    Assistant Professor of Medicine, Division of Endocrinology
  Application Deadline

April 1st

  Number of Positions per Year


  Duration of Fellowship

One year

  Program Accreditation

Graduate Medical Education, Medical College of Wisconsin

  Education Program

Type Of Experience

Weekly Structured

  Infertility Clinic

  2 half-day clinics each week

  Fellows Clinic

  1/2 day each week


  1.5  day each week

  VA infertility/ED clinic

  1/2 day each week

  Research, Didactic, Training

  1/2 day each week


  3 hours/week


Discussion of specific activities:

  1. Infertility Clinic: The Program Director’s clinic in which the Fellow and Program Director see patients together. Initially, the Fellow first sees the patient and then presents to the Program Director.  The Fellow and Program Director then see the patient together and discuss the treatment plan.
  2. Fellow’s Clinic: The Fellow sees patients independently with the Program Director and/or other program faculty on-site should questions or escalation be required.
  3. Surgery: The Program Director performs surgical procedures with the Fellow.  The participation of the Fellow being a function of the Fellow’s experience and capabilities.  The Fellow will ultimately be assisted by the residents (as indicated) based on Fellow’s capabilities.
  4. VA clinic: The fellow will have a 2/8ths VA appointment.  They will run a half day clinic consisting mainly of infertility and ED pts, as well as vasectomy reversal consults.  They will also staff a half day VA OR every other week.
  5. Research, Didactic lectures, Training and Conferences:
    1. Wednesday morning preop conference- this is every Wednesday
    2. Radiology conference-this is the last first Thursday each month
    3. Morbidity and Mortality/Journal Club – this is the last Thursday of each month.
    4. Friday morning Grand Rounds-this is the first Friday of each month
  Program Weighting

Reproductive Medicine: 65%

Sexual Medicine: 35%

  Fellowship Director's Overview of the Program

Project Objectives/Curriculum:

  • Identify and apply concepts and procedures involved in the evaluation and management of male infertility, sexual function/dysfunction, and andrology. This will include demonstration of appropriate work up, testing, as well as procedural skills and surgeries. This knowledge will be obtained in several arenas, including didactic teaching sessions, active participation in clinical activity (clinic and OR), as well as off-campus meetings, seminars, and workshops. By the end of the fellowship, it will be expected that the fellow can independently perform the necessary evaluations and treatment as described. Various methods will be utilized within the fellowship and it will be attempted to adapt them to the individual learner. This would include putting together lectures for residents and students, informal teaching (as both teacher and student), direct patient contact, microsurgery workshops, OR assistance, and ultimately, some independent activity.
  • Design and perform research in the area of andrology. This will include, but not be limited to, clinical research protocols, submission/presentation of abstracts at meetings, and publishing manuscripts. Fellows will also learn and apply techniques for scientific paper review in the field of andrology. This will be accomplished during dedicated academic time with assistance from the fellowship faculty in each area. By the end of the fellowship, it will be expected that the fellow will have published at least four (4) manuscripts, presented at all of the important andrology meetings, and developed an area of research interest.
  • Design an academic andrology program. Since it is expected that most of the fellows will pursue an academic career, fellows will need to be prepared to administrate and run their own program. This will be done through various avenues, including one on one discussions with key individuals in the fellowship administration, as well as mentoring and supervising medical students and residents in clinical and research activities.
  • Fellows must have completed a US or Canadian Urology Residency Program, hold a valid medical license in the United States, and will need to obtain a Wisconsin license prior to beginning their fellowship.
  • Application deadline is March 1.  Interviews will be held either locally in Milwaukee or at the AUA
  Who to contact regarding the program

Applicants are encouraged to apply by submitting their curriculum vitae, a photo, a personal statement and three letters of reference to Ms. Tammy Janik ( ) as well as any questions.

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