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Finding Answers to our Biggest Public Health Threats

The biggest health threats of our time are not only diseases like cancer. At MCW, our epidemiologists are taking on the challenge of finding answers to violence, drug addiction and many other public health threats that have not traditionally been viewed through the same lens as disease. We analyze the patterns, causes and effects of a wide range of public health threats to help shape the research, policy, clinical and societal solutions that can save countless lives. It’s all about creating outcomes that result in a healthier community. Learn about epidemiology
Epidemiology Data Resource Center (EDRC)

Epidemiology Data Resource Center

The EDRC is a centralized resource for secondary health and demographic data for use in health research.

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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Geographic Information System

GIS resources are a powerful tool for health researchers that allow data to be viewed within a geographic context. 

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Epidemiology Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff Members

Our team collaborates with various departments within institutions across the nation and around the world.

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