Digestive Disease Center

Our vision of the Medical College of Wisconsin's Digestive Disease Center is to achieve international scientific and lay recognition for leading edge digestive disease research, treatment and educational programs emphasizing novel state-of-the art therapies. Our goal is to eradicate digestive diseases and their economic impact through research. The unique collaboration of 91 Center physicians, scientists and staff from 14 departments provides a multidisciplinary approach to patient care, research and education in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of digestive diseases.

Care team explains prescription to patient

About us

Collaboration between researchers in the laboratory and physicians in the hospitals and clinics has enhanced the Center’s core programs in:
  • Dysphagia (swallowing disorders)
  • Inflammatory bowel diseases (Crohn’s disease and colitis)
  • Pancreaticobiliary diseases (conditions affecting the pancreas and bile ducts)
  • Hepatology (conditions affecting the liver) and liver transplantation
  • Functional bowel disorders
  • Gastrointestinal cancer surveillance and treatment

Many advances – from groundbreaking diagnostic techniques to drug trials and surgical treatments – have been possible because of the dedication and commitment to excellence by the faculty who are at the heart of the Center.

Digestive Disease Center Board


Mary Campbell Brown

Founding Chair

† Robert H. Friebert


  • Ruth Brash
  • David Dauchy
  • Scott Drees
  • Karin Gale
  • Mike Groth
  • Linda Grunau
  • Doris Heiser
  • Madeline Henry
  • Neil Keller
  • Jan Lennon
  • Tami O'Brien
  • David Raysich
  • Paul Siepmann
  • Karen A. Trimble
  • Bryan Waltersdorf
  • Carol Wuesthoff
  • Erika Zaiser

Emeritus Members

  • Morry L. Birnbaum
  • Barbara K. Boxer
  • Douglas S. Levy
  • Barbara B. Zaiser


  • Reza Shaker, MD
  • Manu Sood, MBBS

† deceased