Geriatrics Consultation Services

The Geriatrics Consultation Service strives to provide comprehensive assessment of geriatric syndromes to vulnerable elderly patients hospitalized at Froedtert Hospital. We work closely with the primary medical/surgical team's and General Internal Medicine consults' consult liaison psychiatry, palliative medicine, physical and rehabilitation medicine, nursing, social work, care management, pharmacy and home care. We strive to reduce the impact of hospitalization on vulnerable patients, evaluate cognitive and functional issues, and help facilitate safe discharge either back to the community or to a healthcare facility.

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About our services

Our goal is to help in the care of patients with complex medical, cognitive and functional needs. The consult service evaluates patients across four domains of function:

  • Medical/Surgical issues including assessment and management of delirium, osteoporosis, incontinence and failure to thrive

  • Cognitive issues including assessment of dementia and cognitive decline and capacity, depression and psychosis

  • Functional issues including gait/balance problems, functioning in daily living and general functional impairments

  • Social issues including power of attorney or guardianship issues, care planning, abuse or neglect, and facilitating transition to hospice and palliative care

Consults may be obtained through referral to our consult attending or Geriatric Nurse Practitioner. Patients are screened by age, admitting diagnosis, co-morbidities and vulnerability criteria. Geriatrics Consultation may also be recommended to the primary team on their discretion.

Meet Our Team


Angela K. Beckert, MD

Associate Professor


Steven Denson, MD

Associate Professor

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