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EPR Grants

Our faculty hold these EPR grants.

R01 EY015526
PI: W. Karol Subczynski
Cholesterol Crystalline Domain Function in Eye Lens: EPR Spin-Labeling Studies
The long-term objective of this proposal is to achieve a greater understanding of the function of cholesterol in fiber cell membranes.

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 R01 GM114234
PI: Jimmy Feix
04/01/15–03/31/20 (NCE)
Mechanism of Activation and Membrane Interactions of Pseudomonas Toxin ExoU
In this project biochemical and biophysical studies will be used to elucidate the molecular mechanism of activation for the phospholipase ExoU, with a long term goal of facilitating the development of novel inhibitors to reduce tissue damage or sepsis due to P. aeruginosa infection.

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S10 OD025260
PI: Candice Klug
Upgrades to a Bruker Q-band E580 Pulse EPR Spectrometer
The research proposed here, which uses novel state-of-the-art enhancements to a biophysical spectroscopic technique to enable the study of protein structure and functional dynamics, will lead to a better understanding of the physiology of disease processes such as cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases; cystic fibrosis; diabetes; obesity; behavioral, neurological, and psychiatric disorders; Alzheimer’s disease; and cancer. This research will also contribute to the development of novel antibiotics and cancer therapeutic agents, and to the design of safer and more effective drugs targeting a broad spectrum of diseases. Additional avenues of research are expected to be uncovered once the success of the initially proposed projects is evident, fostering further opportunities for new interdisciplinary science.