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Medical College of Wisconsin Pediatric Psychology and Developmental Medicine Patient Care

Multidisciplinary examinations are linked and extend over a 3-4 week period. They are scheduled to provide thorough evaluations without taxing the children or their parents. Assessment is focused on evaluation of verbal and non-verbal communication abilities, non-verbal cognitive and play skills and physical, neurologic, genetic and environmental factors which may be affecting the child. We are particularly interested in following children over time to observe the impact of various interventions on the course and progress of these disorders.

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Child Development Center

We provide excellent care through several clinics in the Child Development Center.
Multidisciplinary Evaluation Team Clinic
The MET is an evaluation program for children with complex developmental problems.

We provide comprehensive multi-specialty team evaluations for children, ages 2-6 years old, with difficulties related to one or more of the following:
  • Atypical developmental patterns
  • Behavior/Adjustment problems
  • Communication delays and disorders

Multi-Specialty Team includes:
  • Developmental Pediatrician
  • Pediatric Psychologist
  • Speech/Language Pathologist

Services provided:
  • Family-centered, coordinated diagnostic evaluation by the multi-specialty team
  • Recommendations regarding treatment and educational programs
  • Parent education about diagnosis, intervention, and prognosis
  • Referral to other specialists as needed (e.g., audiology, child psychiatry, genetics, neurology, ophthalmology)
  • Follow-up evaluations to monitor child's progress
Selective Mutism Program
The Selective Mutism Program provides assessment and treatment for children with selective mutism and social anxiety disorder.
School Performance Program
The School Performance Program provides comprehensive evaluations and diagnosis for a variety of problems that can affect a child's school performance. This multidisciplinary clinic is designed to meet the diagnostic and treatment needs of children with a variety of conditions that affect interpersonal, academic, social, emotional, behavioral and family well-being.

Some diagnoses that may be appropriate for referral to the School Performance Program include:
  • Learning disabilities and related academic and psychosocial difficulties
  • Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Children with medical and genetic disorders affecting school performance

Services include:
  • Comprehensive diagnostic evaluations and treatment recommendations
  • Developmental, behavioral and related medical and psychiatric needs assessments

Direct interventions include:
  • Individual therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Medication management

Treatment components are multifaceted and designed to meet the needs of each child and family. Parent training and education is offered for families of children with ADHD/ODD. Therapy for individual families and their child also is available, as is individual therapy for the child. Contact with school personnel, as needed, is available. Where appropriate, medication management of developmental and psychiatric conditions is available.
International Adoption Clinic
The International Adoption Clinic (IAC) offers services to families adopting children from outside the United States, many of whom may have medical or developmental needs. Only a few such programs are offered throughout the country and no other exists in Wisconsin. Visit the International Adoption Program website for additional details.

The clinic provides:
  • Pre-adoption medical record review
    A medical specialist in our clinic is available to review medical records, photos, videos and other health care history or information on children currently living overseas.

  • Pre-adoption psychosocial consultation
    A psychologist is available to discuss potential developmental or behavioral questions that families may have regarding a particular child or the transition to parenthood in general. Our psychologist works with families to provide special consideration to the needs of children coming form international foster care or orphanages.

  • Post-adoption developmental assessment and follow-up
    After the excitement and confusion of the initial phase of adoption, the child and family begin establishing their new lives together. For most children, this involves learning and adapting to many new experiences. The staff supports the family throughout this critical and exciting time. Follow-up visits over the first year of adoption are encouraged. Developmental assessments of the child and overall family adjustment becomes the main focus of the visits. Evaluation and therapeutic intervention also is available for older internationally adopted children if there is a concern about health, behavior or development.