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Medical College of Wisconsin Pediatric Psychology and Developmental Medicine Research

Past Research

  • "Healthy youth: strong and connected." Co-investigator: Dawn M. Zahrt, PhD
  • "A novel continuous performance test for evaluation and diagnosis of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder." PI: Heather A. Ciesielski, PhD
  • "Language disorders and psychiatric outcomes: toward a meditational model." Co-PI: Kenneth L. Grizzle, PhD
  • "Evolution of an inpatient pediatric psychology consultation service: issues related to reimbursement and the use of health and behavior codes." Co-investigator: Dawn M.
  • Zahrt, PhD
  • "Interdisciplinary pediatric sleep disorders clinic: approach to treatment and outcomes." Team members: Suzie Franklin, PhD and Dawn M. Zahrt, PhD
  • "Exploration of the genetic basis for neuro-developmental disabilities."
  • "The effects of psychopharmacologic agents in children with developmental disabilities."
  • "The familial basis of language and learning disorders."
  • "The prevalence and outcome of children with autistic spectrum disorders."
  • "Neurodevelopmental outcome of children with congenital heart disease."
  • "The nature of children's thinking about headaches."
  • "The long-term effects of HIV on child development."

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