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Welcome to the Medical College of Wisconsin Pediatric Infectious Diseases

Inpatient and outpatient consultative service

Section members provide routine, urgent, and emergent consultative services on a broad range of clinical problems including fevers of unknown origin, serious bacterial and viral infections, recurrent infections, CNS infections, infections in immunocompromised patients, and infections in newborns. Inpatient consultation may be requested by paging the Infectious Diseases attending on call at (414) 266-2000. Outpatient consultations may be scheduled by calling (414) 337-7070. Both inpatient and outpatient consultations will be performed only by physician request. In general, before scheduling an outpatient visit, we ask that the referring physician speak to the Infectious Diseases specialist in order to review what evaluation has already been accomplished and what questions the referring physician would like addressed.


Comprehensive Pediatric HIV care

The Pediatric Infectious Diseases Service provides the medical leadership for the statewide Wisconsin HIV Primary Care Support Network through Dr. Claudia Vicetti. Through this program, support is given to primary care providers throughout the State who are caring for pregnant women, infants, children, and adolescents up to the age of 25 with HIV infection and AIDS. The program consists of educational and clinical arms. Highly trained clinical nurses closely follow HIV infected children, helping primary care physicians provide the most up to date pediatric HIV care. They are supervised by the Program Director, Dr. Claudia Vicetti.


Children's Wisconsin Infection Control and Prevention

Physicians from the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Section are members of the Children's Wisconsin Infection Control Committee, and Dr. Frank Zhu is the Chair of the Committee and Hospital Epidemiologist. The Section provides medical direction in the development of hospital infection control policies and nosocomial infection surveillance and works closely with the Children's Infection Control Nurse. Infection Control issues at Children's can be addressed either by calling Dr. Frank Zhu (414) 337-7070 or Mary Rotar, RN, Children's Infection Control and Prevention Practitioner (414) 266-3382.