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Center for Disease Prevention Research

Center for Disease Prevention Research (CDPR) Members

The Center for Disease Prevention Research aims to reduce the burden of diseases such as cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. By clarifying the basic mechanisms of chemopreventive and immunopreventive modalities, we can provide a scientific rationale for the design of new and more effective approaches for disease prevention. Center for Disease Prevention Research scientists are carrying out a wide range of studies to explore various aspects of prevention in both basic science and clinical settings. The common goal of these scientists is to conduct innovative studies that increase our understanding of the mechanisms to prevent diseases rather than to treat them after they surface.

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Current Members


Ming You, MD, PhD

Senior Associate Dean for Cancer Research, Education and Clinical Care; Joseph F. Heil Jr. Professor in Molecular Oncogenesis; Associate Provost for Cancer Research


Balaraman Kalyanaraman, PhD

Professor and Chair; Harry R. & Angeline E. Quadracci Professor in Parkinson’s Research; Founder, Free Radical Research Center


Stuart J. Wong, MD



Charles R. Myers, PhD

Professor; Assistant Director of Research, Cancer Center