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Welcome to The Liu Lab of Heart Regeneration & OMICS

The Liu lab aims to develop novel strategies for cardiovascular regeneration by integrating omics approaches with animal models and human cell culture systems. Learn more about our research questions and approach below. Learn more about our research
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Research Questions and Approach

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Why heart regeneration

Cardiovascular diseases are still the No. 1 killer world wide, and unfortunately human hearts can't regenerate. As scientists, we hope to identify novel mechanisms to repair or regenerate the heart.
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We are in an era of big data. The more we can utilize bioinformatic tools and omics data, the closer we are towards novel strategies for heart regeneration. The Liu lab integrates a variety of omics approaches including single-cell omics, RNA-seq, CLIP-seq, Cut & Run, etc., with CRISPR screening and bioinformatic analyses to address fundamental biological questions.
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Research Models

The Liu lab utilize genetic mouse models and human cell culture systems to answer our research questions. A few examples include neonatal mouse retina angiogenesis model, neonatal and adult mouse heart regeneration model (LAD ligation), 3D sprouting angiogenesis bead assay with primary human endothelial cells, and direct cardiac reprogramming from human fibroblasts.
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Biological Processes of Interest

We are particularly interested in post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression by RNA-binding proteins including splicing factors, as well as epigenetic regulation by epigenetic factors. Both are critical gene regulatory mechanisms but understudies in the context of heart regeneration.

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