Plastic Surgery Research

Plastic Surgery Research

Clinical Research

The Department of Plastic Surgery has many research projects mirroring the full range of plastic surgery. Recent resident research day projects have covered the full range of plastic surgery topics. In cosmetic surgery, residents have studied surgical tourism and CT analysis of mid-face volume loss over time. Hand surgery research has covered diverse topics ranging from blast injuries to peripheral nerve sheath tumors. Our microsurgical faculty have mentored residents in studies of predictive factors for DIEP reconstruction, lower extremity flap debulking, and outcomes in orthotopic replantation. Our pediatric and craniofacial group has presented on pain control following pediatric intracranial procedures and outcomes of cleft lip and palate surgeries.

The diverse nature of the patient population served by the MCW Department of Plastic Surgery and the pathologies that we see at Froedtert Hospital, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, the Zablocki VA, and our community hospitals provide a rich environment for clinical research.

Basic Science Research

Ji-Geng Yan, MD, PhD

The laboratory of Dr. Ji-Geng Yan works collaboratively with other Medical College of Wisconsin clinical and basic science departments as well as other U.S. and international institutions to address issues such as treatment of vibration injury and nerve transfer. The laboratory is also active in fMRI research.

Gwendowlyn Hoben, MD, PhD

Dr. Gwendolyn Hoben’s laboratory also has a focus in peripheral nerve research. Small animal models are used to study mechanisms behind chronic neuropathic pain with a particular focus on amputee- related pain. In collaboration with Department of Neurosurgery and the Zablocki VA Hospital, they are studying immunomodulation and peripheral nerve regeneration.