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We are proud to announce our 2020-2021 Health Psychology Program residents!

Current Residents


Anna Cariello, MS


Virginia Commonwealth University


Michelle Lee, MA


Pacific University


Sydney Timmer-Murillo, MS


Marquette University

2019-20 Graduates

Jeremy Connelly, PhD

Jeremy Connelly_Academic Profile

Staff Psychologist at the Fayetteville NCCVA
Fayetteville, North Carolina

Michael Craven, PsyD

Michael Craven_Academic Profile

Assistant Professor of Psychology
Miami University Regionals
Hamilton, Ohio

Ryan Tweet, PsyD

Ryan Tweet_Academic Profile

Post-Doctoral Fellowship, JDRF
Clinical at Oregon Health & Science University
Portland, Oregon

Ali Vanderwerff, PhD

Ali Vanderwerff_Academic Profile

Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the Marshfield
Clinic, Marshfield, Wisconsin

2018-19 Graduates

Yanique Levy, PsyD

YaniqueLevy, PsyD; 2019 Graduate

Maria Olex, PsyD

Maria Olex, PsyD; 2019 Graduate

Alexandra (Allie) Stalboerger, PsyD

AlexandraStalboerger, PsyD; 2019 Graduate

Michelle Tan, PsyD

Michelle Tan, PsyD; 2019 Graduate

2017-18 Graduates

Tonnette Alcide, PsyD

Tonnette Alcide, 2018 Graduate

Stormie Keeler, PsyD

Stormie Keeler, 2018 Graduate

Mark LaFave, PsyD

Mark LaFave, 2018 Graduate

Larissa Singh, PsyD

Larissa Singh, 2018 Graduate