Student Faculty Patient Simulator

STAR Center


The STAR Center is composed of clinical examination rooms, simulation rooms, a procedure room, training and conference rooms. We also have high fidelity simulators and a multitude of task trainers. The STAR Center's 9,300 square-foot, well-equipped, state-of-the-art clinical simulation environment includes the facilities and equipment listed below.

Facility and Equipment

Clinical Examination Rooms

12 clinical examination rooms
Each exam room is equipped for a typical standardized patient encounter:

- 1 patient exam bed
- Exam room clinical equipment and supplies (e.g. otoscope, ophthalmoscope, sphygmomanometer, drapes, patient gowns, etc.)
- 1 sink, furniture and phones typical of a clinical setting
- 2 digital cameras and microphones - to view the simulated patient encounters in real time and/or to record for debriefing
- PA (overhead) announcement capability from a central monitoring area



Each clinical exam room also has a clinical room monitor just outside the room for the student to read the door notes and then write the patient note after the encounter.


Simulation Rooms

4 Simulation Labs with Adjacent Control Rooms
These 4 rooms simulate an Operating Room, ER/ICU and Hospital Patient Rooms. They are used primarily to run immersive scenarios with our full-body, high-fidelity physiological mannequins. Each room has:

- Patient vital signs monitor
- Monitor for EMR display
- Lines for O2 and pressurized air; Suction
- OR table; gurney/stretcher; OB/GYN bed; Pediatric crib or hospital bed
- Code cart
- Call light system
- Sink and phone
- Clinical equipment and supplies needed for high-fidelity medical simulations (e.g. defibrillator, ventilator, spine board, cervical collar, adult and pediatric airway management devices, syringes, catheters, IV poles, IV fluids and lines, simulated blood bags, surgical drapes, gloves, gowns, etc.)
- Monitoring via one-way control room window and monitors
- 2 digital cameras and microphones - to view the training sessions in real time and/or to record for debriefing
- PA (overhead) announcement capability from the Control Room

SimLab A, simulated OR is equipped with:

- Adjustable surgical table
- Anesthesia machine and ventilator
- Full-function patient physiological monitor
- Monitor for EMR display
- Anesthesia cart
- Mayo table & surgical side table
- A large stainless OR supply cabinet

Operating Room 

SimLab B, simulated Labor and Delivery is equipped with:

- Functional patient control column
- Gurney/stretcher; OB/GYN bed; or Pediatric crib
- Code cart with defibrillator
- Patient vital signs monitor
- Monitor for EMR display

ER OB Room 

SimLab C-East (Pediatrics) and C-West (ED/ICU/PACU), two simulated Patient Hospital Rooms equipped with:

- A divider between these adjoining rooms which can be removed to combine into a larger lab.
- Hospital bed and furniture; Gurney/stretcher; OB/GYN bed; or Pediatric crib
- Functional patient headwall
- Patient vital signs monitor
- Monitor for EMR display
- Code cart with defibrillator

Procedure Room
Large, flexible space used primarily for procedure training is equipped with:

- Built-in standing-height and sitting-height counters
- Tables/chairs for task training stations
- Sink
- Internet access; a screen, laptop and AV equipment for presentations; a whiteboard
- 2 digital cameras and microphones - to view the training sessions in real time and/or record for debriefing
- PA (overhead) announcement capability from a central monitoring area
Additional room equipment
In addition to clinical equipment built-into the exam and simulation rooms, these devices are available:

- Anesthesia Machine - Datex Ohmeda Aestiva 3000
- Ultrasound - SonoSite MicroMaxx
- Ultrasound - Bard Site-Rite 5
- Ultrasound - BK Medical Falcon 2100
- Ultrasound - SonoSim (virtual ultrasound)
- C-MAC Video laryngoscope
- Ventilator - IMPACT Uni-Vent Eagle
Central Monitoring Area

Central Monitoring Area is equipped with:

- 12 computer stations
- Monitors with audio headsets to observe clinical exam rooms in real time or from previous encounters recorded digitally

Conference rooms

2 Conference Rooms (1 large and 1 small). Capacity varies depending on configuration. Large conference room can be divided into two separate, smaller rooms. Live or recorded training events in the exam, procedure or simulator rooms can be viewed from both conference rooms. Each is equipped with:

- 2 large plasma screens
- Internet access; Rack with computer and AV equipment to support presentations
- Conference room tables/chairs
- Whiteboard

Large Conference Room


Large Conference Room, Classroom Setup


Large Conference Room, Chairs



Small Conference Room, Meeting Setup


Small Conference Room, Classroom Setup

Training Room/Lounge

Training room/lounge is equipped with:

- Internet access; Screen, laptop and AV equipment presentations
- Whiteboard
- Kitchenette with refrigerator and microwave
- Table/chairs for 24
- 2 restrooms

Training Lounge
STAR Center Floor Plan
View a floor plan (PDF) of the STAR Center

High-Fidelity Simulators

HAL S3005 (Gaumard 5-year-old)


Airway: Oral and nasal intubation; Use an ET tube or LMA; Sensors detect depth of intubation; Unilateral chest rise HAL S3005with right mainstem intubation; Multiple upper airway sounds synchronized with breathing.

Breathing: Control rate and depth of respiration and observe chest rise; Ventilation is measured and logged; Gastric distention with excess BVM ventilation; Select independent left and right lung sounds; Chest rise and lung sounds are synchronized with selectable breathing patterns; Accommodates assisted ventilation, including BVM and mechanical support; Unilateral chest rise and multiple breath sounds.

Circulation and color change: Multiple heart sounds, rates and intensities; Chest compressions are measured and logged; Blood pressure can be taken using a cuff, palpation, or auscultation; Korotkoff sounds audible between systolic and diastolic pressures; Color and vital signs respond to hypoxic events and interventions; Bilateral carotid, brachial and radial pulses operate continuously; Pulse strengths vary with blood pressure and pulses are synchronized with ECG.

Human Patient Simulator (HPS) Adult "Stan" (CAE)

The adult Human Patient Simulator, Stan, is designed for respiratory and critical care training. Stan responds to the administration of real anesthetic gases, oxygen therapy and drugs/medications.

Stan, human patient simulator
Human Patient Simulator (HPS) PediaSIM Pediatric "Petey" (CAE)

The pediatric PediaSIM HPS, is a six-year-old child. Petey has the ability to support anesthesia and respiratory care and is capable of using anesthesia and medical gases for medical training.

SimMan 3G (Laerdal)

SimMan 3G is an emergency patient simulator that can help improve critical time management, decision making, communication and handovers between departments. He can display neurological symptoms as wells as physiological.



Simbaby (Laerdal)

SimBaby represents a 9-month-old pediatric patient. Trainees are able to assess capillary refill time, test pupillary light reflex and check bilateral pulses. Trainees can practice critical patient assessment and handover situations in a safe and highly realistic training environment.

Super Tory (Gaumard)

Tory is a wireless, tetherless full term newborn. 8 lbs. 21”. Programmable movement: blinking, mouth opens and closes, arm and leg flexion and extension; Realistic joint articulation. Heart/lung sounds. Palpable pulses. Real patient monitor support: SpO2, EKG, capnography, NIBP; live pacing and defibrillation. Intubatable, anatomically accurate oral cavity and airway. Programmable dynamic lung compliance with true ventilator support. Multiple vascular access sites: scalp, hand, umbilicus (UVC/UAC), and IO. Programmable muscle tone: active, reduced, imp. Seizures/convulsions

Victoria s2200 "Vicki" and baby (Gaumard)

Vicki is a female patient/birthing mom mannequin. She is wireless and tetherless; fully programmable airway, breathing, and circulation physiological parameters. Supports real monitoring equipment: EKG, capnography, defib., NIBP, TOCO, and pulse oximeters. New interactive eyes: automatic, visual object tracking and lifelike eye movements. True-to-life shoulder dystocia, breech, and C-section deliveries. Births lifelike, full-term baby featuring programmable vitals for APGAR scoring. Vicki converts into a non-pregnant patient for female patient scenarios.




Low-Fidelity Simulators

Geri Manikin (Lifeform)
GERi manikin is a geriatric patient. GERi is a lightweight, full-size adult manikin with an overall female appearance with the ability to convert to a male patient with attachment of male genitals.

CPR Mannequins

Infant CPR Mannequin
Pediatric CPR Mannequin
Resusci Anne QCPR Torso with SimPad PLUS with Skill Reporter
Resusci Anne QCPR with SimPad PLUJS with Skill Reporter, Laerdal

Task Trainers: Auscultation

E-Scopes (Cardionics)

The E-Scope by Cardionics is an electronic stethoscope which amplifies 30 times louder than an acoustic scope.

Harvey - Cardiopulmonary Simulator (Laerdal)
Harvey is a cardiopulmonary simulator by Laerdal. Realistically simulates nearly any cardiac disease at the touch of a button by varying blood pressure, pulses, heart sounds, murmurs and breath sounds.

Lung Sound Auscultation Trainer (LSAT) (Kyoto Kagaku)
LSATs allows students to practice their chest examinations. Students are able to listen to the sounds of a patient's chest with precise use of a stethoscope, have a clear understanding of sound variations and describe the sounds clearly to others.

lung sound auscultation simulator
Simulscope Bedside Auscultation System (Cardionics)

Simulscope Bedside Auscultation System by Cardionics allows physicians and students the ability to hear live physiological sounds with up to 20 other people at the same time, using only one stethoscope. May be used on a standardized patient or manikins.


Student Auscultation Simulator (SAM) (Cardionics)
Student Auscultation Trainer by Cardionics. Portable and easy to use male torso manikin to teach heart, breath and bowel sounds.

Ventriloscope (Lecat)

Ventriloscope by Lecat allows students to listen to various heart sounds with a patient's or mannequin's pulse. Can change character, timing and loudness of murmurs with patient maneuvers. Play multiple sounds over the same area.



Advanced Combo Cricothyroidotomy trainer Air Sim

NOTE: Participants must supply their own kit.

Airway Management Adult Trainer (Air Sim)
Airway Management Adult Trainer (Laerdal)
Airway Management Adult Trainer with Bronchi (Air Sim)
Airway Management child trainer with bronchi (air sim)
Airway Management infant trainer (air sim)
HAL Advanced Airway and trauma trainer (gaumard)

HAL is an advanced airway and trauma trainer by Gaumard. He may be used for the following: BVM, CPR, and chest rise; intubation; disable lungs independently; airway complications; surgical airway tracheostomy and needle cricothyrotomy; replacing the tracheal insert, crico membrane and skin; bilateral needle decompression; and chest drain.

NOTE: For surgical procedures, participants must provide their own kit.



Infant Airway Trainer Laerdal
Pediatric/Child Intubating Trainer (Laerdal)

Access and IV

Antecubital fossa (ACF) Pad with vein and epidermis - Venipuncture (Limbs and Things)
When using the antecubital fossa pad, participants must provide their own needles.

Arterial Wrist Puncture Trainer Kyoto Kagaku
When using the arterial wrist puncture trainer, participants must provide their own kit.

Central line, central venous catheter trainer, ultrasoundable (Blue Phantom)

Central Line, Central Venous Catheter Trainer by Blue Phantom is ultrasoundable.

NOTE: Participants must supply their own Central Venous Catheter kit when using this task trainer. The manufacture specifies using NEW 18 to 21 gauge needles and similarly sized kits. DO NOT use needles larger than 18 gauge.

Central line man system with articulating head, ultrasoundable (simulab)

Central Line Man System with articulating head by Simulab is ultrasoundable. The trainer comes with normal or complex vacular anatomy.

NOTE: Participants must provide their own CVC kits when using this task trainer.

Extended antecubital fossa (ACF) Pad - Venipuncture (Limbs and Things)

When using the extended antecubital fossa pad, participants must provide their own needles.


Injection Trainer with skin pad and muscle block
Note: Participants must provide their own needles.
IV arm trainer - Geriatric
NOTE: Participants must supply their own needles.

IV arm trainer (Nasco Life/Form)

NOTE: Participants must supply their own needles.



IV trainer, Branched 4-vessel training block, ultrasoundable (Blue Phantom)
Note: Participants must supply their own needles.

Venous venipuncture and IV administration training pad (Remedy Simulation)

Note: Participants must supply their own needles.




Medsim Ultrasim "Monica"
Sonosim ultrasound simulator


Abdominal Examination Trainer (Limbs and Things)



Joint Injection For Elbow (Limbs and Things)
Joint Injection For Shoulder (Limbs and Things)
Knee Arthrocentesis (Simulab)

The Simulab knee for arthrocentesis is ultrasoundable.


Lumbar Puncture Simulator Kyoto Kagaku

Task trainer has modules for "normal", obese and geriatric spines.

NOTE: Participants must supply their own kit.

Lumbar Puncture Simulator Simulab

Ultrasoundable with "normal," obese, geriatric, or geriatric obese tissue. Task trainer is for lumbar puncture and epidural and is ultrasoundable. The trainer has modules for "normal", obese and geriatric spines.

NOTE: Participants must supply their own kit.




Paracentesis Trainer Simulab

This task trainer is ultrasoundable.

NOTE: Participants must provide their own kit.


Thoracentesis Trainer Simulab

This task trainer is ultrasoundable.

NOTE: Participants must provide their own kit.



Eye and Ear

Ear Exam Simulator (Kyoto Kagaku)
Eye Exam Simulator (Kyoto Kagaku)



Ophthosim, Eye Trainer

Ophthalmoscopy training and simulation system


Otosim, Ear Trainer

Genitourinary (GU)

Female Foley Trainers
Male foley trainers
Modifiable Female or Male Foley Trainer

Gynecology (GYN)

Breast Biopsy Trainer, Ultrasoundable (Blue Phantom)

NOTE: Participants must provide their own needles.


Breast Exam Anatomical Model (Limbs and Things)
Breast Exam Trainer, Strap-on (Limbs and Things)

Strap-on breast exam trainers by Limbs & Things. Two of the newer trainers are able to be worn on a person or there is a model stand available. All of the trainers have nodules that may be inserted in the breast and the arm pit.



Episiotomy Trainer (Gaumard)
Female Catheterization Trainer
Gynecologic, Female Pelvic Trainer - Zoe (Gaumard)


Circumcision Trainer (Enasco-life/form)
Male Catheterization Trainer
Male Pelvic Exam Trainers (Limbs and Things)

Includes male abdominal wall; penis, bladder and prostate; perineum, testicles and bowel


Prostate Exam Trainer
Prostate Model (Merck)


Diagnostic Dermatology Face (Limbs and things)
Nasogastric trainer