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Browse the current selection of available technologies by MCW researchers. 

  • An Engineered Bacterial Strain that Reduces Colonization of the GI Tract by Antibiotic Resistant Organisms

    Kommineni, Kristich, Salzman

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  • Anti-CRR9 mAbs to Treat Therapy-Resistant Cancer


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  • Continence Training Device

    R. Shaker, A. Shaker

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  • Dataset of Digitized and Annotated Prostate Cancer Histology

    LaViolette, Brehler, Iczkowski, Duenweg

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  • Device to Assess Health of Donor Livers for Transplant


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  • Drug Delivery Across the Tympanic Membrane

    Kerschner, Joshi

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  • Engineered Botulinum Neurotoxin with Extended Therapeutic Applications

    Barbieri, Chen

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  • Intragastric Pressure Sensing Endoscope

    Shaker R., Shaker A.

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  • Kras Peptide Vaccine to Prevent & Treat Cancer

    You, Lubet, Pan

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  • Method for Determining Locations of Implanted Electrodes with Medical Images

    Rand, LaViolette

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  • Mitochondrial Telomerase to Treat Cancer & Cardiovascular Disease

    Beyer, Ebben

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  • Mitochondria Specific, Redox-Active Compounds for Treating Cancer

    Zielonka, Kalyanaraman

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  • Mitochondria-Targeted Metformins: Potent Anti-Pancreatic Cancer Compounds

    Kalyanaraman, Zielonka, Lopez, Hardy, Ouari

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  • Monitoring of Total Hip Replacements

    Koch, et al

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  • MRI-Based Virtual Pathology/Histology for Prostate Cancer

    LaViolette, et al

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  • Next-Gen JAK2-Inhibitors Targeting Wild-Type Jak2 & Depleting Androgen Receptor Levels for Prostate Cancer Therapy


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  • Predictive Mapping of Prostate Cancer Grade by MRI


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  • Swallow Exerciser

    R. Shaker, A. Shaker

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  • Training Model for Neuropathic Foot Ulcer Debridement


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