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Browse the current selection of available technologies by MCW researchers. 

  • An Engineered Bacterial Strain that Reduces Colonization of the GI Tract by Antibiotic Resistant Organisms

    Kommineni, Kristich, Salzman

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  • IV-Pole Mounted Shelf for Anesthesia Providers


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  • Method for Determining Locations of Implanted Electrodes with Medical Images

    Rand, LaViolette

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  • Mitochondria-Targeted Metformins: Potent Anti-Pancreatic Cancer Compounds

    Kalyanaraman, Zielonka, Lopez, Hardy, Ouari

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  • NAMPT Inhibition for the Selective Elimination of Pluripotent Stem Cells

    Gundry, Boheler, Kropp

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  • Neuroprotective Compounds to Treat Parkinson's Disease

    Kalyanaraman, Joseph, Kanthasamy

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  • Novel Orally Available Treatment for Metabolic Syndrome & T2D

    Imig, Khan, Proschak, Blocher

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  • Platform for Delivering Targeted Therapies to Treat Neurological Diseases

    Barbieri, Przedpelski, Chen, Johnson, Pellett

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  • Predictive Mapping of Prostate Cancer Grade by MRI


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  • Psoriasis Treatment - An Engineered Locked Dimer of the Human Chemokine CCL20

    Volkman, Getschman, Hwang, Imai, Peterson

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