Presentations Explaining Field Placement

PowerPoint presentations explaining various aspects of the Field Placement course are provided in PDF format. Most of these presentations were developed for 18279 MPH Field Placement Preparation, so they include information specific to that course.

Information for Sites & Preceptors
  • Provides information pertinent to organizations interested in hosting an MPH student's field placement
  • Explains the persons involved in a student's field placement, including the site preceptor
  • Describes the preceptor's responsibilities
Introduction to Field Placement Preparation
  • Introduces the field placement coordinator and guest lecturer 
  • Provides an overview of the field placement requirements, including the different team members 
  • Explains the purpose and objectives of the field placement preparation course as well as the course schedule and expectations
Field Placement and Public Health Career Opportunities
  • Describes how to utilize your field placement to enhance your career 
  • Focuses on identifying your interests and opportunities for further development 
  • Provides tips on writing resumes and CVs as well as samples
IRB Review Processes for MPH Students
  • Provides general information about IRBs and the IRB consultant review of your field placement proposals
  • Describes how to determine whether your project will need to go through a formal IRB review process
  • Explains general IRB review processes at MCW and elsewhere
Contacting Sites
  • Advises you regarding appropriate organizations at which to conduct a field placement
  • Provides examples from previous students
  • Recommends methods of communicating with potential sites
Developing a Project
  • Explains how to develop an action learning project with your site
  • Describes appropriate projects and collaborative development
  • Provides examples of previous students’ projects
  • Outlines the preparatory responsibilities of each team member as well as the logistics of the first team meeting
Developing your Proposal – Part 1
  • Describes how and when to submit your proposal
  • Explains the first three sections of the proposal form: contact information, timeframe and logistics, and project description
Developing your Proposal – Part 2
  • Explains the last three sections of the proposal form: chart of competencies and learning objectives, responsibilities, and agreement and approval
  • Describes the organization of the chart as well as how to write learning objectives, identify competencies, and determine evidence
Implementing your Field Placement
  • Describes what must occur in order to be eligible to start your field placement
  • Outlines your course responsibilities as you work on your project
Completing your Field Placement
  • Provides a timeline of responsibilities
  • Explains the final course requirements, including the submission of an action learning project summary report, PowerPoint presentation, and final evaluation as well as participation in an exit interview

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