Department of Medicine Administration

Office of the Chair

Roy L. Silverstein, MDRoy L. Silverstein, MD

The Linda and John Mellowes Professor and Chair
Ruth Bruckbauer, Administrative Assistant
(414) 955-0518 |

Kristi VolppKristi Volpp
Chief Administrator

(414) 955-0512

Ryan LampRyan Lamp
Associate Administrator–Finance

(414) 955-0502

Angela DeMentAngela DeMent
Associate Administrator–Operations

(414) 955-0546

Vice Chairs and Assistants

David S. Marks, MD, MBAVice Chair for Clinical Affairs
David S. Marks, MD, MBA

Cardiovascular Medicine

Caroline Ladd, Administrative Associate (Interim)
(414) 955-0512

Andreea Anton, MDVice Chair for Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Andreea Anton, MD


Dan Huber, Administrative Assistant
(414) 384-2000 x42895

Michael Frank, MDVice Chair for Education
Michael Frank, MD

Infectious Diseases

Adrienne Parnon, Senior Administrative Assistant
(414) 955-0470

Daisy Sahoo, PhDVice Chair for Research
Daisy Sahoo, PhD


Debby Warpechowski, Program Associate
(414) 955-6724

Ann Rosenthal, MDVice Chair for Faculty Affairs
Ann Rosenthal, MD


Karen Roberts, Senior Administrative Assistant
(414) 955-7027

Geoffrey Lamb, MDVice Chair for Quality

Geoffrey Lamb, MD

General Internal Medicine

Vesna Kabic, Administrative Assistant
(414) 955-0453

Division Administrators

Cardiovascular Medicine
Jason Ruenger (Interim)

(414) 955-6989

Endocrinology, Metabolism and Clinical Nutrition
Bridget Sweeney Marino
(414) 955-7090

Gastroenterology and Hepatology
Erin Daun

(414) 955-6826

General Internal Medicine, Hospitalists, Peri-Op
Jenny Oium

(414) 955-0353

Geriatrics and Gerontology
Jenny Oium

(414) 955-0353

Hematology and Oncology
Kristi Castello

(414) 805-4601

Infectious Diseases
Jenn Tyrrell

(414) 955-9051

Jenn Tyrrell

(414) 955-9051

Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
Mandy Kastner (Interim)

(414) 955-6762

Bridget Sweeney Marino

(414) 955-7090