Medical College of Wisconsin Department of Medicine Faculty Development Program

Our mission is to design and implement innovative programs which foster engagement and job satisfaction among faculty involved in all four of the missions of academic medicine in the Department of Medicine. Members of our faculty take advantage of a wide variety of opportunities to engage in MCW's research, education, community engagement and clinical missions.

We encourage the incorporation of research and QI projects into the day-to-day operations of our clinics, and offer mentoring opportunities, small monetary awards for creative faculty development projects, and assistance with processes around promotion and tenure.

In the educational realm, our faculty may participate in teaching first-year medical students the basic physical exam, supervising trainees in patient care activities, mentoring learners on scholarly projects, or providing advice for learners applying to residency or fellowship. Department of Medicine faculty are invaluable to our learners and play an integral role in training the next generation of physicians and scientists.

Through scholarship development and leadership roles, our faculty and learners help to shape the future of medicine in Wisconsin and worldwide.

As we continue this effort, additional information will be made available online in support of our new program.

Program Leadership


Martin Muntz, MD, FACP

Associate Dean, Vice Chair for Faculty Development, Professor