Biostatistics Events

Statistical Lectures

2020 Events
10/09/2020: CTSI Academy Spotlight Series | Simple Statistics with Excel by Aniko Szabo, PhD

12/02/2020 - 12/03/2020: Advances in Adaptive and Optimal Experimental Designs | Organizing Committee Members: Nancy Flournoy, PhD University of Missouri, Adam Lane, PhD, Cincinnati Children's Hospital, Sergey Tarima, Medical College of Wisconsin

Biostats Seminar Series Schedule

As part of the PhD curriculum between six to eight well-established statistician Professors are invited to speak with Biostats faculty and students during the academic calendar year. The aims is to expand our vision and knowledge for current advancement in statistics.

2020 Seminar Series Schedule
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact, the Biostats seminar series on-campus events have been canceled until further notice. These steps are in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services and MCW internal leadership's guidelines and recommendations.
2019 Seminar Series Schedule
07/03/2019: Measurement error in Calibration Sub-studies | David M. Steinberg, PhD, Tel-Aviv University

05/24/2019: Bayesian Models for Capturing Heterogeneity in Various Types of Data | Junxian Gang, PhD, Boehringer Ingelheim

04/23/2019: Zero-Inflated Generalized Dirichlet Multinomial (ZIGDM) Regression Model for Microbiome Compositional Data | Zhengzheng Tang, PhD, University of Wisconsin, Madison

03/19/2019: Reproducibility & heterogeneity in meta-analysis & replication of transcriptomic studies | George C. Tseng, PhD, University of Pittsburgh

02/05/2019: Statistical Object Models from Computer Vision to Biological Imaging | Yali Amit, PhD, University of Chicago
2018 Seminar Series Schedule

12/04/2018: Exploring drivers of gene expression in The Cancer Genome Atlas | Andrea Rau, PhD, French National Institute for Agricultural Research

11/06/2018: Variable selection via measurement error model selection likelihoods | Yichao Wu, PhD, University of Illinois, Chicago

10/30/2018: Towards Unified Biomedical Modeling with Graph and Factorization Algorithms | Yuan Luo, PhD, Northwestern University

10/16/2018: Multilevel variance components model in functional data with applications to minute-level accelerometry measures | Haochang Shou, PhD, University of Pennsylvania

10/02/2018: Online Forecasting of Lung Tumor Motion | Debdeep Pati, PhD, Texas A & M University

09/12/2018: Adaptive Design of Affordable Clinical Trials | Tze L Lai. PhD, Stanford University

09/11/2018: Adaptive Enrichment Designs for Reproducible Confirmatory Clinical Trials in the Era of Precision Medicine | Tze L Lai, PhD, Stanford University

04/24/2018: Hybrid Statistical & Dynamical Systems Modeling Guides mHealth Intervention for Pain | Chaeryon Kang, PhD, University of Pittsburgh

04/17/2018: Statistical Learning for Heterogeneous | Guanhua Chen, PhD, University of Wisconsin, Madison

04/10/2018: Semiparametric Fractional Imputation using Gausian Mixture Models for Handling Multivariate Missing Data | Jae-Kwang Kim, PhD, Iowa State University

03/27/2018: Efficient Gene-Set Interpretation of Expression Data using Mixed Methods | Duo Jiang, PhD, Oregon State University

02/06/2018: Robust inference with the knockoff filter | Rina F. Barber, PhD University of Chicago

2017 Seminar Series Schedule

11/14/2017: Community Structure in Stochastic Networks | Chao Gao, University of Chicago

10/31/2017: Trajectory Quantile Regression for Longitudinal Data | Limin Peng, Emory University

9/12/2017: Regression Trees for Cumulative Incidence Functions | Youngjoo Cho, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

4/18/2017: Youth Violence and Current Attempts at CHW to Reduce the Burden | Michael Levas, Medical College of Wisconsin

4/11/2017: Propensity Score Matching for Clustered Data | Mi-Ok Kim, University of California San Francisco

3/28/2017: Regression and Causal Models for the Composite Endpoint | Lu Mao, University of Wisconsin Madison

2/7/2017: Evaluating a School-Based Bystander Intervention:Can time-dependent confounders help us understand? | Heather Bush, University of Kentucky

2016 Seminar Series Schedule
11/29/2016: Log-linear Bayesian Additive Regression Trees | Jared S. Murray, Carnegie Mellon University

11/8/2016: Understanding Causal Effects of a Treatment on Survival in Observational Studies with Unmeasured Confounding | Fan Yang, University of Chicago

11/1/2016: Statistical Learning Methods for Complex Data: Targeted Local Classification and Risk Stratification for Censored Outcomes | Yuanjia Wang, Columbia University

9/6/2016: An Improved Survival Estimator for Censored Medical Costs Using Kernel Methods | Shuai Chen, University of Wisconsin Madison

3/22/2016: Latent Space Models for Dynamic Networks | Yuguo Chen, Univeristy of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

3/1/2016: Estimating and Testing High-Dimensional Mediation Effects in Epigenetic Studies | Lei Liu, Northwestern University