Biostatistics Events

Statistics Seminar Series

2019 Seminar Series Schedule
07/03/2019: Measurement error in Calibration Sub-studies | abstract (PDF); David M. Steinberg, PhD, Tel-Aviv University

05/24/2019: Bayesian Models for Capturing Heterogeneity in Various Types of Data | abstract (PDF); Junxian Gang, PhD, Boehringer Ingelheim

04/23/2019: Zero-Inflated Generalized Dirichlet Multinomial (ZIGDM) Regression Model for Microbiome Compositional Data | abstract (PDF); Zhengzheng Tang, PhD, University of Wisconsin, Madison

03/19/2019: Reproducibility & heterogeneity in meta-analysis & replication of transcriptomic studies | abstract (PDF); George C. Tseng, PhD, University of Pittsburgh

02/05/2019: Statistical Object Models from Computer Vision to Biological Imaging | abstract (PDF); Yali Amit, PhD, University of Chicago 
2018 Seminar Series Schedule

12/04/2018: Exploring drivers of gene expression in The Cancer Genome Atlas | abstract (PDF)                     
Andrea Rau, PhD, French National Institute for Agricultural Research

11/06/2018: Variable selection via measurement error model selection likelihoods | abstract (PDF); Yichao Wu, PhD, University of Illinois, Chicago

10/30/2018: Towards Unified Biomedical Modeling with Graph and Factorization Algorithms | abstract (PDF) Yuan Luo, PhD, Northwestern University

10/16/2018: Multilevel variance components model in functional data with applications to minute-level accelerometry measures | abstract (PDF); Haochang Shou, PhD, University of Pennsylvania 

10/02/2018: Online Forecasting of Lung Tumor Motion | abstract (PDF); Debdeep Pati, PhD, Texas A & M University

09/12/2018: Adaptive Design of Affordable Clinical Trials | abstract (PDF); Tze L Lai. PhD, Stanford University

09/11/2018: Adaptive Enrichment Designs for Reproducibl Confirmatory Clinical Trials in the Era of Precision Medicine | abstract (PDF); Tze L Lai, PhD, Stanford University 

04/24/2018: Hybrid Statistical & Dynamical Systems Modeling Guides mHealth Intervention for Pain | abstract (PDF); Chaeryon Kang, PhD, University of Pittsburgh 

04/17/2018: Statistical Learning for Heterogeneous | abstract (PDF); Guanhua Chen, PhD, University of Wisconsin, Madison 

04/10/2018: Semiparametric Fractional Imputation using Gausian Mixture Models for Handling Multivariate Missing Data | abstract (PDF); Jae-Kwang Kim, PhD, Iowa State University

03/27/2018: Efficient Gene-Set Interpretation of Expression Data using Mixed Methods | abstract (PDF); Duo Jiang, PhD, Oregon State University

02/06/2018: Robust inference with the knockoff filter   | abstract (PDF); Rina F. Barber, PhD University of Chicago 

2017 Seminar Series Schedule

11/14/2017: Community Structure in Stochastic Networks | abstract (PDF)
Chao Gao, University of Chicago

10/31/2017: Trajectory Quantile Regression for Longitudinal Data | abstract (PDF)
Limin Peng, Emory University

9/12/2017: Regression Trees for Cumulative Incidence Functions | abstract (PDF) 
Youngjoo Cho, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

4/18/2017: Youth Violence and Current Attempts at CHW to Reduce the Burden
Michael Levas, Medical College of Wisconsin

4/11/2017: Propensity Score Matching for Clustered Data | abstract (PDF)
Mi-Ok Kim, University of California San Francisco

3/28/2017: Regression and Causal Models for the Composite Endpoint | abstract (PDF)
Lu Mao, University of Wisconsin Madison

2/7/2017: Evaluating a School-Based Bystander Intervention:Can time-dependent confounders help us understand? | abstract (PDF)
Heather Bush, University of Kentucky

2016 Seminar Series Schedule
11/29/2016: Log-linear Bayesian Additive Regression Trees | abstract (PDF)
Jared S. Murray, Carnegie Mellon University

11/8/2016: Understanding Causal Effects of a Treatment on Survival in Observational Studies with Unmeasured Confounding | abstract (PDF)
Fan Yang, University of Chicago

11/1/2016: Statistical Learning Methods for Complex Data: Targeted Local Classification and Risk Stratification for Censored Outcomes | abstract (PDF)
Yuanjia Wang, Columbia University

9/6/2016: An Improved Survival Estimator for Censored Medical Costs Using Kernel Methods | abstract (PDF)
Shuai Chen, University of Wisconsin Madison

3/22/2016: Latent Space Models for Dynamic Networks | abstract (PDF)
Yuguo Chen, Univeristy of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

3/1/2016: Estimating and Testing High-Dimensional Mediation Effects in Epigenetic Studies | abstract (PDF)
Lei Liu, Northwestern University