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Research of Early child Development by Improving Resiliency and EQuiTy (REDIRECT)

And policies affecting the state of Wisconsin

REDIRECT Information (PPSX)

Seed Grant Program

2021 REDIRECT Conference

Specific Aims

  1. Develop a conceptual framework and data infrastructure, and build capacity to measure and explore disparities in resiliency in early childhood development in the state of Wisconsin
  2. Examine the contributing factors to disparities, protective factors for resilience, and outcomes in ECD at individual, family, community, and societal levels
  3. Evaluate policies and develop community-engaged interventions to improve ECD outcomes
Staci Young, PhD and Marie Wolff, PhD


Staci Young, Marie Wolff, and Team

Collect and analyze qualitative data about resident’s experiences with:

   – Structural factors: SES; health, education and social service agencies; policies

   – Assets: #, location, and intensity of services

   – Care delivery: family healing, developmental screening, access to services, mentoring

Interview key community informants about organization function and inter-agency coordination

Laura Cassidy, Sergey Tarima, Rodney Sparapani

Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Laura Cassidy, Sergey Tarima, Rodney Sparapani, & Team


  • Design and implement a prospective data collection system
  • Perform sentinel event reviews: child, family, neighborhood, and societal views for CQI
  • Analyze primary and secondary
Fabrice Jotterand and Mary Homan


Fabrice Jotterand, Mary Homan, and Team

   – Establish a health equity conceptual framework

   – Document the ethical approaches of using big data

   – Investigate whether policies stigmatize low-income children with developmental concerns (neuroscience of poverty)

John Meurer Team

Community Health

John Meurer, and Team

   – Partner with community, campus, and national advisors, and with community agencies

   – Hold annual conferences

   – Provide $150,000 in annual pilot grants with collaborators to advance the above aims (RFA fall 2018)

   – Apply for extramural funding to grow and sustain this research initiative

   – Disseminate evaluation findings through presentations and publications, and community-engaged activities and technology