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The Medical College of Wisconsin Institute for Health & Equity and the Center for Healthy Communities and Research provides four $40,000 18-month grants annually to advance the aims of the Research in Early childhood Development by Improving Resiliency and EQuiTy (REDIRECT) project. REDIRECT is funded by the MCW Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin endowment.

The overarching project goal of REDIRECT is to improve the well-being of children in Wisconsin through quantitative data analysis and qualitative exploration of the key drivers of health disparities related to early childhood development. The research will create a better understanding of the complex interplay between individual, family, community and strengths-based factors to overcome adversity and enable children to thrive. This will allow us to evaluate existing interventions and design evidence-based interventions to improve child development and kindergarten readiness.

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Active REDIRECT SEED Grants:

For more information on funded REDIRECT seed grants, contact Catherine Carter at