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Within these virtual nodes and edges, you will find the vibrant tapestry of the NRC’s research interests. Our members, passionate investigators in the realm of neuroscience, delve into a broad spectrum of topics that span the intricacies of the human brain and its functions. This network isn't just a visualization of data; it's a testament to our dedication to advancing our understanding of the brain's mysteries and represents the NRC’s commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration and the pursuit of knowledge that can transform lives. To use the network, simply click on any of the people or topic nodes to see how members of the NRC are connected. The filter bar at the top can be used to isolate any single node’s connections. Your patience is appreciated while the network loads all the information about our amazing researchers!

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Discover groundbreaking publications from our esteemed members of the NRC by exploring the MCW NRC Faculty Collaboration Database. Click the link to read the latest advancements our members are making towards a brighter tomorrow.
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Inquiries about ongoing research in the Neuroscience Research Center:

Erik Van Newenhizen  
(414) 955-2260
For information on ongoing Froedtert/MCE clinical trials:
Froedtert/MCW clinical trials page
(414) 777-7700
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