Multiple views of brain with microwires to record brain activity

Software and Datasets

ReyLab develops novel software designed to improve acquisition and analysis of neurophysiological data. Exemplary datasets are also shared. These resources are intended to support advancements in different areas of neuroscience. 
ReyLab Resources


ReyLab invites fellow researchers, students and enthusiasts to view and use these novel datasets for neuroscience research.
All datasets are under license CC BY 4.0.

Human single-neuron and local field potential responses to associated identities

Response dataset associated to the paper: Rey et al, "Encoding of long-term associations through neural unitization in the human medial temporal lobe", Nat Commun. 2018 Oct 22;9(1):4372.

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Human single-neuron responses encoding identities

Response dataset associated to the paper: Rey et al, "Single neuron coding of identity in the human hippocampal formation", Curr. Biol. 2020

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Dataset of simulated neural activity with different number of single units per recording

This dataset was introduced in the paper: Rey et al, "Past, present and future of spike sorting techniques", Brain Research Bulletin, Volume 119, Part B, 2015, Pages 106-117.

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The ReyLab develops novel software for use for integration of data from epilepsy monitoring instruments created by various device design companies. 

ReyLab software has not been added to the site yet. Check back soon for new additions.

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