Mother Child W Physician

Our Medical College of Wisconsin Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Residents

The Medical College of Wisconsin's Med-Peds housestaff come from diverse backgrounds representing 14 different medical schools. The quality of our housestaff is a strength of our training program. We have been very fortunate to have a cohesive, supportive, and hard-working group of residents who are devoted to patient care and to each other. Our Med-Peds residents work closely with two excellent categorical programs while still retaining their own unique identity. In addition, our residents enjoy a close working relationship with the program director, associate director, chief resident and our other Med-Peds trained faculty.

PGY-1 Residents

Sarah Barrett


Katie Breetz


Kelly Cotchett


Adrianna Jelen


Kendall Ng


Leslie Thelan


PGY-2 Residents

Chana Bushee

Bushee Chana

Hometown: Mequon, WI
Undergraduate School/Degree: Yeshiva University
Medical School: Medical College of Wisconsin
Hobbies: Hiking, Weightlifting, Baking, Reading
Why MCW?: The faculty and learning environment at MCW that is at the forefront of medical training and patient care and leader in the medical field, together with my mentors and fellow residents/friends here at MCW.
Favorite Milwaukee Places: The Milwaukee Domes, Valentine Coffee Shop, Lion's Den


Luke Clawson

Clawson Luke

Hometown: Tulsa, OK
Undergraduate School/Degree: Saint Louis University, Psychology
Medical School: Case Western Reserve University
Hobbies: Tennis, cooking, golf, video games
Why MCW?: I chose MCW for the fellowship opportunities, the incredible support from residents/program leadership, and the proximity to my family
Favorite Milwaukee Places: I love all of the beaches and also taking my dog to a local 10acre dog park!

Taylor Orcutt

Orcutt Taylor

Hometown: Little River, TX
Undergraduate School/Degree:
Texas A&M University, Biomedical Engineering
Medical School:
University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth - Texas COM
my dogs, sports (playing and watching), trivia nights, trying new things
Why MCW?:
I was really looking for strong training on both sides, while also having a well-known MedPeds presence. I feel like I could also tell that the residents really enjoyed each other and were more than just coworkers, which after being here I can say is definitely true! Milwaukee is a great place to life.
Favorite Milwaukee Places:
Eagle Park Brewing, Paloma Tacos, Meiji, Seven Bridges trail, Bucks & Brewers games

Keegan Sammons

Sammons Keegan

Hometown: Owingsville, KY
Undergraduate School/Degree: University of Kentucky, Biology
Medical School: University of Kentucky
Hobbies: Basketball, disc golf, hot yoga, spikeball, pickleball, skiing (really anything to get the heart rate up and/or be outside!). I also enjoy trying new craft beer and speed dialing my grandmother with various cooking questions.
Why MCW?: Large academic center with a diverse patient population, strong med-peds support system and presence in the hospital, affordable place to live with amenities of a larger city. Having a MP dedicated chief resident and I/O scheduling on medicine were also big perks. There were several factors I thought were important, but at the end of the day it ultimately came down to the gut feeling that I would fit in well here.
Favorite Milwaukee Places: Third Ward, Bay View, South Shore Park or anywhere on the lakefront. Much more exploring to come!

Maricela Vallejo

Vallejo Maricela

Hometown: Hollister, California
School/Degree: University of California, Davis. BS, Exercise Biology
Medical School:
Michigan State University
Wine Tasting. Foodie! Outdoor adventures. Watching the Bucks and Brewers play.
Why MCW?:
The combination of the amazing supportive people (co-residents, attendings, PDs, APDs, and staff) and dedicated lectures focused on evidence-based medicine.
Favorite Milwaukee Places:
Atwater Beach, Zócalo Food Trucks, The Milwaukee Zoo, Summerfest.


PGY-3 Residents

Gabriel Aguero

Aquero DO Gabriel 0062a 06242021 5x7c

Hometown: Monument, CO
Undergraduate School/Degree: Creighton University, Exercise Science
Medical School: Rocky Vista University
Hobbies: Anything outdoors! Hiking, biking, skiing, playing fetch with my dog. I also love to cook and explore restaurants with my significant other.
Why MCW?: Because MCW is a large academic institution that doesn't feel like it- everyone feels like a friend here and goes the extra mile to help out a colleague
Favorite Milwaukee Places: Oak leaf trail for walks and runs, Milwaukee River Greenway for biking, and Purple Door Ice Cream!

Heather Burton

Burton MD Heather 0044a 6242021 5x7c

Hometown: Lexington, KY
Undergraduate School/Degree: Wittenberg University, Biology
Medical School: University of Kentucky
Hobbies: Running, cycling, baking, and cuddling with my dogs
Why MCW?: It’s an awesome program in an amazing city!
Favorite Milwaukee Places: Oak Leaf Trail, Veteran’s Park, Milwaukee Public Market

Jayaram Kumaraswamy

0037a Kumaraswamy MD Jayaram  6242021 5x7c

Hometown: Cave Creek, AZ
Undergraduate School/Degree: University of Arizona, Neuroscience
Medical School: Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Hobbies: Biking, tennis, reality TV, eating
Why MCW?: MCW is really supportive of helping you pursue your own interests. Approachable faculty. After working with many med-peds residents, I can honestly say this is a very kind and collaborative environment to learn medicine.
Favorite Milwaukee Places: Wauwatosa

Jared Squires

0034a Squires MD Jared  06242021 5x7c

Hometown: Dix Hills, NY
Undergraduate School/Degree: Harvard, Human Evolutionary Biology
Medical School: The Ohio State University College of Medicine
Hobbies: Volleyball, basketball, frisbee, board and card games, cooking and baking, photography
Why MCW?: Strong academic center; in major city; separate children’s hospital
Favorite Milwaukee Places: Mad Rooster Diner, Café India, Deer District

Ilakkiya Thanigaivelan

0049a Thanigaivelan MD Ilakkiya 06242021 5x7c

Hometown: Buffalo Grove, IL
Undergraduate School/Degree: Case Western Reserve University, Biology
Medical School: University of Illinois
Hobbies: I enjoy running, hiking, playing with my dog, and traveling
Why MCW?: During the interview trail, I felt that the MCW program leadership were very supportive of their residents. Resident wellness is prioritized here. My co-residents are intelligent, fun, and caring. I was warmly welcomed by them to the program. It also a huge plus that my family lives close by.
Favorite Milwaukee Places: The parks in Wauwatosa are great: Hoyt Park, Forest Exploration Center, Hart Park

Alice Zhang

0055a Zhang MD Alice 06242021 5x7c

Hometown: West Lafayette, IN
Undergraduate School/Degree: University of Chicago, Chemistry
Medical School: University of Illinois-Chicago
Hobbies: weightlifting, video games, propagating succulents, speedrunning, Netflix
Why MCW?: I know everyone says "the people", but honestly this is copy/pasted from my interview day notes: "super nice PD/APD/chief resident that seemed very supportive and actually mindful of resident wellness in meaningful ways". Since I started residency, everyone has done an amazing job of prioritizing both my learning and my time, and my co-residents/leadership have been incredibly supportive, confirming that my first impression was right!
Favorite Milwaukee Places: EE-Sane, Cermak Fresh Market, the grizzly bear exhibit at the Milwaukee County Zoo

PGY-4 Residents

Anna Johnson

Anna Johnson

Hometown: St. Paul, MN
Undergraduate School/Degree: Saint Louis University, Public Health and Social Justice
Medical School: Des Moines University
Hobbies: Yoga, guitar strumming, reading in my hammock, long hikes, kayaking, and spending time with our amazing MP co-residents
Why MCW?: My interview dinner was nonstop laughter, I felt inspired by the endless opportunities, and I love that we have a stand-alone children's hospital that shares a physical campus with our adult hospital
Favorite Milwaukee Places: Braise and Story Hill BKC for food, Kettle Moraine State Park and Lion's Den Gorge for hikes, the Urban Ecology Center, and so many more!       

Andrew McAsey

Andrew McAsey

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
Undergraduate School/Degree: University of Notre Dame, Biological Sciences
Medical School: University of Wisconsin Madison School of Medicine and Public Health
Hobbies: Cooking, baking bread, running
Why MCW?: The people, opportunities to explore lots of career paths, great mentors
Favorite Milwaukee Places: The beer gardens (especially Hoyt), the lakefront, County Grounds Park

Rebecca Rings Miller

Rebecca Rings

Hometown: Columbus, OH
Undergraduate School/Degree: The Ohio State University, Biomedical Science
Medical School: The Ohio State University College of Medicine
Hobbies: Ultimate frisbee, running, cross country skiing
Why MCW?: The people! MCW has the most supportive group of co-residents and faculty you'll find anywhere.
Favorite Milwaukee Places: The Oak Leaf trail in Bay View, South Shore Park, Cactus Club, Story Hill BKC

Chris Wagner

Chris Wagner

Hometown: Cambridge, WI
Undergraduate School/Degree: University of Wisconsin-Madison, Medical Microbiology and Immunology, Master of Public Health
Medical School: The Medical College of Wisconsin
Hobbies: Spending time with family, video games, hiking, skiing, board game
Why MCW?: The Med-Peds program is very supportive and full of wonderful people all looking out for each other. The program leadership is positively phenomenal. Milwaukee is a community with a diverse set of people which makes it an excellent place to live and learn.
Favorite Milwaukee Places: Siam Thai across from the VA for food, Point Burger Bar for food, Lakefront Brewery for cheese curds and adult beverages, Lion's Den Gorge for hiking     

Kate Wilcox

Kate Wilcox

Hometown: Fort Collins, CO
Undergraduate School/Degree: Colorado State University, Environmental Health
Medical School: Rocky Vista University
Hobbies: I have been working on adjusting my standard Mountain West hobbies for the Midwest. I have been surprised with the amount of trail running and mountain biking available here! I am also a fan of the climbing gym scene. If you are a fan of workout groups there are a million in Milwaukee (including a resident run group called HIIT with Housestaff!). Other than exercising I like going out to meals with my co-residents, going to storytelling events, crafting nights, baking, and plant shopping!
Why MCW?: I honestly wasn't thinking about Milwaukee that much before my interview day, but then I had a great time! I really loved the residents I met, and I thought it was so nice to have everything on one campus connected by "hamster tubes" (no need to walk outside!). I interviewed during a sunny day in December, which while not typical, really sealed the deal for me. Knowing what I know now, even with less sunshine in December than I expected, I would make the same choice again! One of the best things about MCW is all of the opportunities for research and mentorship I have found since being here! I want to do Adult Congenital Cardiology and there is a really strong Med-Peds presence in that department here, which is wonderful.  
Favorite Milwaukee Places: Lake Michigan is gorgeous and has a million opportunities for fun activities (beach bonfires, lake front rollerblading, and surfing are my favorites so far). I live in Bayview which has an overwhelming number of amazing restaurants, but I love Honeypie, Cafe India, the burrito food truck, Pete's Pops, and Cafe Corazon the most. I always have a really good time at Cactus Club which is a Bayview favorite for after work drinks or music on a weekend.         

Timothy Yung

Timothy Yung

Hometown: Towaco, NJ
Undergraduate School/Degree: Washington University at St. Louis
Medical School: Rush Medical College
Hobbies: Tennis, being outdoors, playing with my dog, silly poses for photos
Why MCW?: The residents, hands down! The opportunity to train across various sites is a big plus as well to see the diversity of patients we see.
Favorite Milwaukee Places: Eagle park brewery, hart park, all the free tennis courts! Mitchell conservatory domes, the buffet at Potawatomi casino (when its open)