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Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine

Research and Accomplishments

Our faculty and individuals are recognized nationally and internationally for their research and scholarship as leaders in their field. Residents are strongly encouraged to avail themselves of the many opportunities to work with established faculty investigators. Through elective time, residents are provided with excellent “hands-on” experience in experimental design, data collection, analysis, critical thinking and writing. Our residents are required to complete an academic project mentored by faculty during their residency.

Research Opportunities

Center for AIDS Intervention Research (CAIR)

Center for AIDS Intervention Research (CAIR)

The Center for AIDS Intervention Research (CAIR), an NIMH-funded center directed by Dr. Jeffrey Kelly, concentrates on the study of individuals belonging to groups at high risk for HIV infection (e.g., gay men, IV drug users, chronic mentally ill) and the development of behavioral interventions to decrease this behavior. Presently, CAIR consists of more than 30 full-time faculty and staff and has an annual budget of more than $8 million. MCW is the world leader in the field of behavioral intervention research to prevent the spread of HIV infection.

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The Periscope Project

The Periscope Project

The Periscope Project was created to fill the critical gap between statewide depression screenings initiatives and lack of perinatal psychiatric treatment services in Wisconsin. Health care providers often discontinue or delay initiation of antidepressant medication when pregnancy or breastfeeding is identified due to fears about medication safety. By offering resources to assist health care providers in treating their pregnant and postpartum patients, The Periscope Project reduces health disparities and increases healthy birth outcomes.

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Wisconsin Child Psychiatry Access Project

Wisconsin Child Psychiatry Access Project

The Wisconsin Child Psychiatry Access Project started in 2012 with the generous philanthropic support though the Charles E. Kubly Foundation. The goal of the Child Psychiatry Consultation Program (CPCP) is to improve mental health care for children in state of Wisconsin. Child psychiatrists work with primary care providers to treat mental health care needs sooner, in patients’ medical homes, and support them through education and consultation. Due to the success of the pilot program, the State of Wisconsin passed legislation to fund additional expansion for coverage of the rural Northern Region of the state.

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Housestaff Accomplishments Since July 2017

Quality Improvement Projects

“Impact of Late Shows to an Academic Psychiatric Resident Clinic” – Anna Hackenmiller, MD; Sarah Slocum, MD; Erika Steinbrenner, MD

“Billing & Coding Accuracy in Resident Clinic” – Devin Dunatov, MD; Imran Iqbal, MD; Tareq Yaqub, MD

“Recovery Plan Completion at the Clement Zablocki VA Medical Center” – Amanda Liewen, MD; Jeremy Chapman, MD; Claire Drom, MD

Community Projects

Development of a Psychiatric Free Clinic, led by Claire Drom, MD
Worked with MCW’s Saturday Clinic for the Uninsured to provide psychiatric services monthly. Through this, Dr. Drom expanded the medication formulary, created EMR templates, provided screening tools. She schedules residents and/or attendings to staff this clinic monthly and has worked with the Medical School’s Psychiatric Interest Group to help teach residents.

National Alliance for Mental Illness – NAMI Walk
Led by Amanda Liewen, MD, the F&MCW Freudian Slippers team (residents) raised over $3000 for NAMI in May 2018.

Mental Health Disclosure for Credentialing Work Group
Several residents and attendings formed an unofficial committee looking into mental healthcare disclosure for credentialing at Milwaukee area hospitals. The group organized the wording we obtained into a document and presented a proposal to change problematic wording to an area hospital. This hospital chose to change their application in response to this. The findings were presented to the MCWAH Housestaff Health and Wellness Committee (August 2018) and presented to the MCWAH GMEC (September 2018) to encourage residents to seek mental health treatment and reduce stigma.

Teaching Projects

Management of Agitation | Didactics and Simulation for Internal Medicine Residents – Sally Lohs, MD; Elizabeth Holcomb, MD; Sarah Slocum, MD

Emergency Medicine Resident Wellness Group – Devin Dunatov, MD; Claire Drom, MD

Surgery Resident Wellness Groups – Reena Kumar, DO

Buprenorphine Consent Video; produced for use at the VA – Mary Anne Kowol; Erika Steinbrenner, MD; Nick Bracciano, MD

Ongoing Resident-Involved Research
  • Clonidine for PTSD
  • Human Trafficking Focus Groups and Assessment
  • Lithium Monitoring and Outcomes in the Perioperative Period
  • Value of distress screening and the efficacy of psychosocial interventions in psycho-oncology
  • Prevalence of Central Apneic Events in Veterans with PTSD
Oral Presentations

Hackenmiller A, “Treatment of Behavioral Disturbances in Alzheimer’s Dementia” – Keynote Address, Alzheimer’s Association, Wisconsin State Conference, May 2018.

Shashidhara, S, “NMDA Receptor Encephalitis”, Wisconsin Psychiatric Association Spring Meeting, Madison, WI, March 2018.

Liewen A, “Geschwind Syndrome – the case of Mr. D.”, Wisconsin Psychiatric Association Spring Meeting, Madison, WI, March 2018.

Yaqub, T – “Is regression harmful or helpful in therapy?” Clinical Moments, CME Presentation, Wisconsin Psychoanalytic Society, March 7, 2018, Milwaukee, WI.

Cipriano D, Padfield E, Kumar K, “MCW Student Mental Health Climate Survey: Reducing Barriers to Care”, MCW Department of Psychiatry Grand Rounds, October 18, 2017.

Park W, “Measuring your life’s work: Lessons Learned from Putting Together a Balanced Physician Scorecard”, MCW Department of Psychiatry Grand Rounds, February 21, 2018.

Chapman J, “Video Peach: using video with patients”, Humanities in Medicine Symposium, Mayo Clinic, October 2017.

Holcomb, E, Howard, S, Yaqub, T. (February 2018). “Mental Health in the African American Community: Challenges, Barriers, Best Practices” Oral Presentation presented at: Student National Medical Association Black History Month Celebration Dinner - MCW; Milwaukee, WI.

Sorby J, “Intersections of Psychiatry and Foster Care”, MCW Department of Psychiatry Grand Rounds, December 2017.

Burek G, “Military Culture: A Primer for Clinicians”, Invited presentation, VA National Center for PTSD, West Haven, CT, November 2017.

Burek G, Park Y, “Gerontology Research Seminar”, Invited Lecture, MCW Division of Geriatrics, July 2017.

Burek G, Amen S, “Basic Training for Treaters and Warrior Partnership: Teaching Military Culture to Enhance Treatment Alliance in the At-risk Veteran Population”, Panel Presentation, International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ISTSS), Washington DC, November 2018.

Poster Presentations

Chapman J, Kent P, “Implicit Bias in Medical Education”, Poster Presentation - Central Group on Educational Affairs (CGEA), August 2017.

Anthony Thompson, DO coauthor, “Warm Handoff or Cold Shoulder?”, Poster Presentation, Academy of Consultation Liaison Psychiatry”, Orlando, FL, November 2018.

Cipriano D, Padfield E, Kumar K, “MCW Student Mental Health Climate Survey: Reducing Barriers to Care”, Poster Presentation, Association for Academic Psychiatry, Milwaukee, WI, September 2018.

Lohs S, Holcomb E, Slocum S, “Tackling Agitation: A Novel Approach to Interdisciplinary Training”, Poster Presentation, Association for Academic Psychiatry, Milwaukee, WI, September 2018.

Slocum S, Lyndon S, Knight J, “Effectiveness of Psychosocial Interventions in Psycho-Oncology: A Prospective Study”, Poster Presentation, Consultation Liaison Psychiatry, Orlando, FL, November 2018.

Lohs S, Parkhurt J, Massey W, “Shaping Social Skills in Context: Social Fitness Club”, Poster Presentation, Association for Contextual Behavioral Science Annual Meeting, Montreal, ON, Canada, July 2018.


Grant from Student National Medical Association (SNMA) for $6300 – Jeremy Chapman, Paul Kent, “Reducing Implicit Bias in Medical Education Training”, April 2018.

Grant from Medical Education Research and Innovation Challenge (MERIC) for $4000 – Jeremy Chapman, Paul Kent, “Reducing Implicit Bias in Medical Education Training”, March 2018.

Grant from Women’s Fund of Greater Milwaukee to fund Women’s Mental Health Interest Group Activities for $2000, Imran Iqbal, 2017-19.


Shah K, Pheister M, “Complementary and Integrative Treatments in Psychiatric Practice”, Book Review, Journal of Psychiatric Practice, accepted for publication.

Annotations in Consultation Liaison Psychiatry – three article reviews for Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine Quarterly - Imran Iqbal, MD; Tareq Yaqub, MD.

Women’s Mental Health Interest Group – developed by residents in 2017. Secured grant funding. Monthly meetings and journal clubs.  Three Women’s Mental Health newsletters published.

Toma, G, Guetterman, T, Yaqub, T, Talaat, N, Fetters, M. A systematic approach for accurate translation of instruments: Experience with translating the Connor–Davidson Resilience Scale into Arabic. Methodological Innovations. 2017, Jul; 10(3): n/a. Pub Status: Published.

Assadi-Porter FM, Reiland H, Sabatine M, Lorenzini L, Carnicelli V, Rogowki M, Selen Alpergin ES, Tonelli M, Ghelardoni S, Saba A, Zucchi R, Chiellini G, “Metabolic Reprogramming by 3-Iodothyronamine (T1AM): A New Perspective to Reverse Obesity through Co-Regulation of Sirtuin 4 and 6 Expression” International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 22 May 2018.