Medical College of Wisconsin Department of Radiology Imaging Sciences Division

The Imaging Sciences Division offers graduate education in medical physics and imaging sciences. Faculty conduct research and help assure the radiology department's compliance with the highest standards of safety and image quality.

The Division of Imaging Sciences provides research and clinical training for biophysics graduate students in the area of diagnostic medical physics. The biophysics graduate program's other two tracks are Electron Spin Resonance and Magnetic Resonance.

Research interests are in the development and application of x-ray photon absorptiometric techniques for the quantitative measurement of bone and soft tissue composition. Both dual energy x-ray absorptiometry and quantitative computed topography are used to provide quantitative measurements for causes of body mass atrophy in the aging population and the genetic influence in obesity.

The division is also actively involved in evaluation of mammography imaging techniques, quality control test tools, phantoms, and provides medical physics consultation service in mammography and general diagnostic imaging.