Residency Programs

The Department of Radiology offers the following residency programs:

Diagnostic Radiology Residency

The residency in Diagnostic Radiology provides a full clinical and academic experience. Through training in all areas of diagnostic radiology, including conventional radiography, nuclear medicine, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasonography, and interventional radiology, the program provides the experience for clinical competence as well as preparation for certification. Opportunities exist for participation in a broad range of clinical and basic research activities.

Interventional Radiology Residency

We offer both the Integrated IR as well as the Independent IR residency programs, and are excited to welcome new residents to our outstanding academic institution. Our mission is to provide every resident with comprehensive training in Interventional Radiology to prepare them for a successful career within the field.

Medical Physics Residency

The Medical Physics Residency Program in the Radiology Department is a clinical training program at the Medical College of Wisconsin. The training program is based on the Standards for Accreditation of Residency Educational Programs in Medical Physics as published by Commission on Accreditation of Medical Physics Education Program (CAMPEP), and follows the “Essentials and Guidelines for Clinical Medical Physics Residency Training Programs” as outlined in AAPM Report #249. The program is designed to provide two years of progressive supervised clinical training. The goal of the residency program is to train medical physicists to be competent to practice independently in clinical diagnostic imaging physics.