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Medical College of Wisconsin RBSR Equipment

The RBSR offers state-of-the-art equipment for studying cell redox and bioenergetic function and for high-throughput screening of drugs affecting cell metabolism or modulating reactive oxygen species production.


Seahorse XF-96 & XF-e96 Analyzers

The Seahorse analyzers can detect pH changes and oxygen consumption rates for the mitochondrial analysis of eukaryotic cell lines.

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Shimadzu UHPLC MS/MS Detector

Shimadzu UHPLC MS/MS is used to develop and analyze drugs and compounds.

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Integra Viafill_Image Card

Integra VIAFILL Bulk Reagent Dispenser

The Integra VIAFILL instrument is a reagent or cell suspension dispenser into multi-well plates.

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ThermoScientific Multidrop Pico 1

Thermo Scientific Multidrop Pico 1 Digital Dispenser

The Thermo Scientific Multidrop Pico 1 small volume multi-well plate dispenser is used to screen drug combinations.

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