Vascular/Cardiothoracic Surgery Collaboration Story

Foot Deformity leads doctors to uncover dangerous artery blockages.
"Following a referral from podiatry, vascular and cardiothoracic surgeons teamed up to address the blockage in Christine’s brachiocephalic artery, which supplies blood to the head. Her right arm was “stealing” blood from her brain, and the treatment required bypass surgery." Christine was referred to Dr. Abby Rothstein, Froedtert & MCW vascular surgeon, by her podiatrist, Jessica Minder, DPM. Froedtert & MCW vascular and cardiothoracic surgeons often collaborate on complex cases so Dr. Rothstein reached out to Froedtert & MCW vascular and interventional radiology Dr. Robert Beres and Froedtert & MCW cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Lyle Joyce. Read the full article.