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Negotiating an Offer

Handling Salary Conversations


It is best to delay salary discussions until an offer is on the table; however, salary requirement questions have become a standard part of the interviewing process. When asked about past salaries or salary requirements, it’s useful to delay the discussion with thoughtful responses.

A few options include:

  • “My requirements are flexible.”
  • “My salary is negotiable.”
  • “I want to learn more about the job scope before discussing salary.”
  • “The salary I made previously isn’t applicable to this position due to the different level of responsibility.”
  • “What is the range you normally pay for this position?”
  • “What do you consider the position to be worth?”

*It might be illegal for companies to ask about an applicant’s present or past salaries prior to making a job offer, please check: Salary History Bans

Negotiating Resources

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How to Decline an Offer
  • Always be polite regardless of your response to an offer.
  • Start off with a positive statement thanking the organization for their offer.
  • Let them know that you will unfortunately have to decline.
  • Provide them with an appropriate reason for the decline (you have another offer you are going to pursue, the location, the benefits, etc.).
  • Thank them again and wish them well.