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Medical Scientist Training Program

MSTP Visiting Professor Series

Clinician-scientists are continuously being invited to the Medical College of Wisconsin by clinical and/or basic science departments. These visiting physician-scientists come from various specialties, diverse research programs, and a multitude of academic centers. 

Medical Scientist Training Program Visiting Professor Series

About the series

The Medical Scientist Training Program coordinates with the hosting department a separate catered lunch each month in which the visiting professor meets MSTP students. These luncheons provide an intimate setting in which students can ask questions, obtain advice, and gain practical insight about career choices from successful physician-scientists. 

MSTP students should be exposed to physician-scientists that do state-of-the-art clinical and basic research in all medical subspecialties. Lunch discussions allow our students to obtain a unique perspective on how physician-scientists balance patient care with research and integrate the two into a satisfying career. Contacts between students and visiting professors can also play a role in the residency selection process. Meetings with visiting professors provide our students the opportunity to discuss their research and receive impressions from someone who may be in a closely related area or using techniques that may be applicable. Finally, the Visiting Professor Series represents another occasion to increase camaraderie among the students.