Medical Scientist Training Program
Medical Scientist Training Program

MSTP Medical Years


Medical School

Our innovative approach of Academic Medicine will take you on a journey where you’ll learn the skills to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of medical discovery, cutting-edge scientific studies and patient care.

In addition to the MCW MSTP specific activities listed below, you will follow the Discovery Curriculum.

MSTP Specific Activities

M1 and M2 Years

Summer research: Four week rotations prior to M1 and M2 years in potential PhD mentor labs

Big Sib – Little Sib: Current students are paired up with new students to provide additional mentoring in the program

M1-M2 Journal Club: Student organized and student run club that meets semi-monthly to discuss journal articles

Mentoring Committee: Assists M1 and M2 trainees in their decision making process for summer rotations and ultimately to identify a PhD mentor

M3 and M4 Years

Clerkship Refresher Week: Refresher workshop prior to entering the M3 year

Morning Report: M4 students present clerkship-based case studies and mentor MSTP graduate and M3 trainees for clerkship

Residency Selection Workshop: Discuss residency selection and the professional careers of the physician-scientist