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The Medical College of Wisconsin Applauds Governor Evers Commitment to Cancer Research

Milwaukee, March 8, 2019 – As part of his executive budget proposal, Governor Tony Evers announced today he will invest $15 million in a cancer research facility at the Medical College of Wisconsin to reduce the cancer burden of Wisconsinites through research, education and outreach into the causes, prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer.

“Cancer is a devastating problem in Wisconsin, and it takes from our citizens opportunities, health, vitality and - far too often- their lives,” said John R. Raymond, Sr., MD, MCW President and CEO. “Research leads to better treatments and cures for cancer, and we are pleased that Governor Evers shares our commitment and vision to pioneer opportunities of hope for the future.”

The Governor announced his budget proposal will include a $15 million State Building Commission grant for a cancer research facility at MCW. Cancer rates and mortality are higher in Wisconsin vs. the United States, and Wisconsin’s minorities suffer from significantly higher incidence and mortality rates.

Governor Evers Cancer Center Press Conference Image
From left to right: Dr. James Thomas, Dr. Hallgeir Rui, Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes, Dr. Parameswaran Hari, cancer clinical trial patient Michael Robinson, Governor Tony Evers, Dr. Joseph Kerschner (Dean of the School of Medicine, Provost and Executive Vice President of MCW), and T. Clark Gamblin

“Cancer research is one of MCW’s top priorities,” said Dr. Raymond. “This generous investment will be a catalyst to attract additional federal and private research funding, create new biotech startups, and improve the health of the citizens of our state.”

A new cancer research building at MCW would have a statewide benefit for all Wisconsin residents, leading to new research discoveries and cures in cancer. These will include opportunities to recruit faculty and build programs that will:

  1. Reduce cancer disparities in Wisconsin: Wisconsin has some of the greatest disparities in diagnosis and survival among less-advantaged populations in the United States, this new building will have an emphasis on ending those disparities in Wisconsin, particularly in proximity to MCW’s location in Milwaukee where most of Wisconsin’s disparities exist.
  2. Advance cutting-edge cancer diagnosis and therapies: MCW is an international leader in the development of novel treatments for cancer including areas such as the delivery of magnetic resonance (MR) image guidance in delivery of radiation therapy for children and adults with cancer and the development of novel CAR-T cell therapies for patients.
  3. Advance clinical trials for children and adults with rare or severe forms of cancer: MCW is the leading institution in Wisconsin in the placement of children and adults with a cancer diagnosis on clinical trials which offers these children and adults with cancer the best chance of cure.
  4. Advance the cure of children with cancer: MCW has the largest number of pediatric cancer specialists in Wisconsin and this breadth and depth in pediatric expertise will be enhanced by the program building which will be enable by a new cancer research building.
  5. Reduce the after effects of those threated for their cancer: MCW is a national leader in research looking to decrease the overall negative impact of cancer treatments on children and adults and this additional research building will spur even greater expertise and innovation in this area.

“Our long-standing partnership with the state of Wisconsin has improved the health and well-being of people throughout Wisconsin and beyond,” said Dr. Raymond. “We look forward to working with the State Building Commission and our Legislature in the coming months to advance this proposal.”

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