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Neuropsychologist Dr. Michael McCrea studies traumatic brain injury and sports-related concussions

MCW is at the forefront of research discovering answers about how to most effectively treat traumatic brain injuries and sports-related concussions.

Michael McCrea, PhD, a tenured professor and Eminent Scholar of Neurosurgery and Director of Brain Injury Research at MCW, is leading the largest and most comprehensive study on concussions, the NCAA – U.S. Department of Defense Grand Alliance: Concussion Assessment, Research and Education (CARE) Consortium

The consortium is a $30 million initiative that includes 30,000 participants and is focused on preventing sports-related concussions and enhancing the safety of student athletes, service members, youth sports participants and the public.

McCrea is also playing a lead role in an international $2.6 million National Football League-funded study on the role of active rehabilitation strategies in concussion management, and he is a neuropsychology consultant to the Green Bay Packers.

The research being done at MCW is helping advance the neurobiological aspects of concussion treatment, and has already helped develop an understanding of how recovery times for individuals can vary based on their DNA.