Resources and Programs Available to Students

Undergraduate Students

Summer Program for Undergraduate Research (SPUR)

SPUR provides the opportunity for students to learn first-hand the potential of the biomedical sciences as an interesting and fulfilling career. The SPUR program provides laboratory experience in science, in which the undergraduate works with graduate faculty, students, and staff on significant ongoing basic science research issues. This program is primarily intended for students interested in a PhD degree in biomedical sciences. We also encourage applicants interested in obtaining a dual degree (MD and PhD) to apply.

Program for Undergraduate Research Experience (PURE)

Internships are available in the fall and spring (part-time hours) and the month of January (full-time hours). Interns will be required to spend a minimum of 8 hours a week in the lab for the duration of their internship. Final hours will be determined by participating faculty. Interns will also be required to participate in an orientation session and laboratory safety training prior to their work in the lab.

Diversity Summer Health-related Research Education Program (DSHREP)

DSHREP is a competitive program designed to provide research opportunities for undergraduate students from backgrounds that are historically underrepresented in biomedical science, including individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds, underrepresented cultural and ethnic groups and individuals with disabilities. Our target ethnic groups are: African Americans, Mexican Americans, Native Americans (American Indians and Alaska Natives, Hmong and mainland Puerto Ricans.

Biotechnology and Bioengineering Undergraduate Institute for Learning and Discovery (BUILD)

The purpose of BUILD is to provide research opportunities for enrolled undergraduate science or engineering students with practical experience in a research laboratory environment. The program has two training components: Summer and Academic Year. Students who participate in the summer program are qualified to participate in the academic year program by invitation.

High School Students

Apprenticeship in Medicine (AIM)

AIM is a program designed to provide carefully selected high school students from diverse backgrounds with a meaningful experience to stimulate their interest in careers in medicine, biomedical research and allied health. AIM emphasizes academic preparation, achievement and career awareness.

Research Opportunity for Academic Development in Science (ROADS)

ROADS is a program designed to provide high school students with a meaningful experience in a research laboratory setting and to stimulate their career interest in science, medicine and biomedical research.

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