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Cardiovascular Center Funding Opportunities

The Cardiovascular Center at the Medical College of Wisconsin is pleased to offer two different funding opportunities to CVC members:

  • The Dr. Michael Keelan, Jr., MD, Research Foundation Award for eligible junior or mid-career investigators without current R01-equivalent funding. One award is available. This is a one year, $50,000 grant.
  • The Steve Cullen Healthy Heart Research Program and AHW Award for all career level investigators with an emphasis on novel and innovative research. Applications involving a translational component (use of human tissues, etc.) are highly encouraged. One award is available. This is a one year, $50,000 grant.

This year, you will notice a streamlined application submission process thanks to the efforts of the Grants and Contracts Office.

Applications materials are due to the Cardiovascular Center (, that is cvc underscore grants at mcw dot edu) March 27, 2019 by 3:00 pm and eBridge applications are only created if an application is awarded.

RFA Application Instructions (Box link)

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