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Research BugJessica Olson, PhD, MPH was working as a teaching assistant at Northern Illinois University while finishing her master’s degree in virology when it happened. “I got into the labs and the research bug got me. I wanted to move from researching plants to humans, so I came to MCW and did a tour. There were heart cells derived from patients beating in a lab. It was really incredible. I had never seen live, human cells before.” Read More

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Research of Early child Development by Improving Resiliency and EQuiTy

John Meurer, MD, MBA Division of Community Health | February 2018
The REDIRECT study will:

  1. Develop a conceptual framework and data infrastructure, and build capacity to measure and explore disparities in resiliency in early childhood development in the city of Milwaukee
  2. Examine the contributing factors to disparities, protective factors for resilience, and outcomes in ECD at individual, family, community, and societal levels
  3. Evaluate policies and develop community-engaged interventions to improve ECD outcomes

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