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Carol Tsao, MD, JDPsychiatry is a spectacularly interesting field of medicine, filled with promise and challenge. It is the privilege of the department’s faculty, post-graduate trainees, and staff to introduce medical students to this discipline.

Medical students will have required coursework in their M1 and M2 years and a required clinical clerkship in their M3 year. For those interested students, more advanced clinical opportunities are available in the M4 year in the form of sub-internships and elective experiences.

By the end of medical school, all physician graduates from MCW will be able to do several things as related to psychiatric medicine:

  • Distinguish the psychiatrically normal from abnormal. Physician graduates will be able to competently perform, report and document a mental status examination.
  • Recognize and initiate management of a psychiatric emergency, for instance acute psychosis or acute suicidality, in the same manner that it is expected that all physicians be able to recognize and initiate treatment for other medical emergencies.
  • Finally, and most importantly, our graduates will have the proper attitude toward patients who suffer from mental illness. That is, they will have a healthy respect for how corrosive an illness can be; compassion for the sufferer and their families; and retain a well-grounded hope for cure and if not yet cure, significant amelioration.

If at any time, we can assist you in your educational and training process, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Carol I Ping Tsao, MD, JD
Professor with Tenure, Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine
Director, Medical Student Education Program, Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine

Kristine James
Medical Student Education Coordinator

Kristine James

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Kristine James
Medical Student Education Coordinator
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