General Surgery Residency Program Affiliated Hospitals

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The Milwaukee Regional Medical Center is the site of the major clinical departments of the Medical College of Wisconsin. The Medical College faculty comprise the staff of Froedtert Hospital. In addition, Children´s Hospital of Wisconsin is physically linked to provide pediatric services for the medical complex. These hospitals provide tertiary care for the community and region and constitute the only Level One Trauma Center in Southeast Wisconsin. The Zablocki Veteran´s Affairs Medical Center, located on a separate campus four miles away, is the other major site of surgical training. Teaching services are also in place in four community hospitals in Milwaukee. This specialized training allows residents to learn the intricate process of surgery by working in a large academic arena and private practice settings ensuring a broad experience in various work environments. Members of the Department´s clinical faculty at these hospital conduct their private practices in an academic format so that residents are integrally involved in patient management and their surgical procedures.

Froedtert Hospital is a Level 1 trauma center providing tertiary care to nearly 3,000 trauma patients and provides 600,000 outpatient visits, and 15,000 surgeries annually. The academic medical center houses 596 beds and provides graduated responsibility, longitudinal patient interaction, and interdisciplinary experience including participation in multidisciplinary conferences. A broad socioeconomic and racial population is served in a traditional academic health center where most patient care is team based. General and subspecialty surgical care is provided in a setting supported by a wide range of services in other disciplines such as neurosurgery and cardiology. Froedtert Hospital serves as our primary teaching site and is located on the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center campus adjacent to the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Clement J Zablocki Veterans Affairs Medical Center is a primary, secondary and tertiary medical facility in southeastern Wisconsin with 168 acute care beds. Providing over 500,000 outpatient visits annually, the Clement J Zablocki Veterans Affairs Medical Center is the primary source of both unique and complicated pathology servicing military veterans from the eastern half of Wisconsin, northern Illinois and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Graduated responsibility and longitudinal patient interaction is provided in a federal hospital environment that is fully integrated into the VSQIP patient quality and outcome system. General surgical and subspecialty surgical care is provided in a setting supported by other medical specialties.

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin is a large tertiary referral hospital and Level 1 pediatric trauma center with 296 licensed beds. It is one of the busiest pediatric hospitals in the country. Providing care to Wisconsin, Michigan and northern Illinois, residents experience graduated responsibility and longitudinal patient interaction in pediatric surgery for children with birth defects, illnesses, burns, injuries and other disorders. A mixed pediatric population of patients from a wide variety of socioeconomic and racial backgrounds is served. It is located on the campus of the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center.

Aurora Medical Center (Grafton) is a primary community hospital with 107 beds. This hospital located in a northeastern rural suburb is part of a large healthcare system that serves Wisconsin and Illinois. The non-profit medical center provides interdisciplinary experience in general surgery and other surgical specialties. It serves a primarily suburban and rural population of patients. General and subspecialty surgical care is supported by other medical specialties.

Columbia Hospital, Milwaukee WI

Columbia-St. Mary’s Hospital is a religious-affiliated primary community hospital associated with the largest non-profit healthcare system in the country. The hospital is located on Milwaukee’s east side in a culturally and ethnically rich community including many of advanced age and has 300 licensed beds. General surgical and subspecialty care is provided to patients with a wide range of medical disorders. Surgical care is supported by providers in a variety of other medical specialties.

St. Joseph's Hospital, Milwaukee, WI

St. Joseph’s Hospital is an inner city urban hospital with 538 licensed beds and serves as a referral and tertiary care center for southeastern and eastern Wisconsin. Located on Milwaukee’s west side in a culturally diverse community, the urban religious-affiliated hospital serves patients across the socioeconomic spectrum and offers general and subspecialty surgical services to the underserved of all ages. The surgical care at St. Joseph’s Hospital is supported by providers in a variety of other medical specialties.

Waukesha Memorial Hospital, Waukesha, WI

Waukesha Memorial Hospital is located in a rural/suburban setting with 301 beds. This non-profit primary community hospital is part of the ProHealth Care System. It provides care to the local community and surrounding Waukesha County. General and subspecialty surgical care is provided in a setting supported by providers in other medical specialties.