Geurts Lab


Aron Geurts, PhD
Principal Investigator
Professor, Department of Physiology

Dr. Geurts is a professor in the department of physiology, Cardiovascular Research Center and Linda T. and John A. Mellowes Center for Genomic Sciences and Precision Medicine. He leads an NIH-funded research team focused on innovating novel approaches to genetic engineering and creating animal and cell models of complex genetic human diseases. He is a recipient of a prestigious New Innovator award from the Office of the Director of the NIH.


Michael Grzybowski

Michael Grzybowski
Laboratory Supervisor

My role in Dr. Aron Geurts' lab is to help facilitate the creation of genetically modified models. I design nuclease reagents that are then created and validated in the Geurts lab that will be used to create these modifications. I am also responsible for the day to day operations in the lab. My research interests are mainly molecular biology and technology and how to create and develop animal models.

Akiko Takizawa

Akiko Takizawa
Research Scientist II

My research interests are related to reproductive biology in rats. I am especially interested in assisted reproductive technology such as cryopreservation of gametes and zygotes, re-derivation and embryo manipulation. These technologies are reliable methods to preserve strains which were generated using new gene modification technologies such as Zinc Finger Nucleases (ZFNs) and TAL Effector Nucleases (TALENs), to avoid breeding problems. I am also interested in the development of more effective sperm cryopreservation and nuclear transfer technology.


Jason Klotz

Jason Klotz
Research Technologist III

Under Dr. Geurts I help coordinate the business conducted in the Rat Transgenic Service Center. I also perform micro-injections and sperm cryopreservation for the Service Center.

Recent Publications