Michael Widlansky Lab

Michael Widlansky, MD, MPH

Michael E. Widlansky, MD, MPH
Professor, Department of Medicine
Principal Investigator

The Widlansky laboratory work is currently focused on the roles of mircroRNA-29, mitochondrial fission proteins, and the microbiome in the regulation of human vascular endothelial function. It also focuses on studying novel mechanisms of vascular dysfunction in diabetes. His work tests these novel mechanistic insights to determine their relevance to human vascular pathophysiology. In addition, the Widlansky laboratory studies the impact of dietary, pharmacological, and exercise-based interventions on vascular function persons with and without disease. The laboratory also has formed a human vascular research core to foster collaboration with investigators from other disciplines interested in the impact of vascular function on disease states relevant to their fields of interest.

Meet Our Team


Amberly Anger

Program Manager I


Nabeel Khan, MD

Assistant Professor


Rachel Schneider

Clinical Research Assistant II

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Molly Siegel

Clinical Research Coordinator I

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Jingli Wang, MD, PhD

Research Scientist II

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Justin Westhoff

Research Technologist I

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Rong Ying, MD

Research Technologist II

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Alumni/Former Trainees

  • Benjamin Hofeld
  • Mobin Malik
  • V. K. Puppala
  • Tisha Suboc
  • Mike Tanner
  • Sudhi Tyagi

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